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A podcast about the people making and using the Elm language, and the things that they do.

Popular episodes

Elm Town 53 – Something to do on the side while watching TV

May 26 • 52:35

Kolja Lampe takes us on a deep dive into the internals of the Elm Language Server that powers a growing number of editors' Elm support, and explains what motivates him to continue to spend more time building tooling for his favourite front end language than he does using the language itself!...

Elm Town 52 – It's not like I have a stoplight on my desk

May 12 • 58:15

Aaron VonderHaar returns to the show for a deep dive on automated tests, test-driven development, and elm-program-test, a new high-level test framework for Elm....

Elm Town 51 – You went down the well? That’s the cheat way!

May 4 • 29:08

Joseph Ni (aka Mordrax) shares the twisting tale of how an obscure 90s video game got him his first job with Elm, and how it brought him face to face with 10,000 lines of legacy code....

Elm Town 50 – My favorite thing is when they don't even notice

Apr 17 • 54:26

Aaron VonderHaar shares the origin, history and plans for the future of elm-format and a new, related tool!...

Elm Town 49 – Sixteen 3D Spinners Should Be Enough For Most People

Apr 2 • 56:36

Ian Mackenzie shares the history of elm-geometry, elm-units and elm-3d-scene, and how he hopes to one day see them used to design a world-championship-winning robot – or a skyscraper....

Elm Town 48 – Making Little Games Like Presents

Jan 11 • 01:04:29

Martin Stewart tells the behind-the-scenes story of how his game Circuit Breaker (built entirely in Elm, of course) came to be, starting with an ambitious plan to surprise his sister on her birthday....

Elm Town 47 - A Cool, Easy Way To Start Learning Haskell

Sep 21 • 49:34

Stöffel talks about Jetpack, a simplified build tool that NoRedInk built to replace webpack, and how it started his journey to learn Haskell and eventually end up on the team behind NoRedInk's next-generation, Haskell-based server-side architecture....

Elm Town 46 - You Get All Of The Chapters

Sep 5 • 47:19

Richard Feldman joins us to mark the content completion of his book, Elm in Action....

Elm Town 45 - It Started Off As A Morning Book

May 22 • 43:48

Jeremy Fairbank, the author of “Programming Elm” (Pragmatic Programmers), visits Elm Town to talk about his new book and how it teaches Elm, and about writing tech books in general....

Elm Town 44 - More Of A Statement Than A Question

Apr 19 • 56:06

Members of the organising teams of all four major Elm conferences – elm-conf, Elm In The Spring, Elm Europe, and Oslo Elm Day – come together to discuss what goes into a successful Elm conference, the lessons they've learned along the way, and what we can expect at their next conference!...

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