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Ellie and Jared have vlogged their lives on YouTube for years, but now they're diving deeper into the things that matter most to them in their lives. Welcome to the Ellie + Jared podcast. Support this podcast:

Popular episodes

Allie + Tylan Glines

Apr 29 • 57:49

Today we sit down (virtually) with Allie and Tylan Glines. They run a very successful make up YouTube channel and have recently launched make up bags! We talk about their long history of entrepreneurship, YouTube, singing, and a secret that Tylan has been keeping from us....

*NEW SEGMENT!* Ellie and Jared BITS - Quick Questions with The Dashleys!

Apr 22 • 23:43

In a new segment, we're taking the episodes a little shorter, with more information! Let's ask some fun questions. Who would you like to hear from next?...

Andrew and Shawn Johnson East - Marriage, Miscarriage, and More

Apr 8 • 52:23

Today we sit down with Andrew and Shawn Johnson East. You might know them as the internet's favorite couple. Whether they're long snapping footballs, or flipping on the floor in the olympics, they seem to be charging through life no matter what is thrown at them. We discuss their incredible "how they met" story, courtship, miscarriage, baby, dog, bags, candy, and more! Sit...

DBEJCK Quarantine Vacay Podcast! (With Bryan, Missy, Cullen, and Katie)

Apr 1 • 01:16:43

We bring the vacation to YOU! Well, not really. We're not on vacation, but this is what it felt like almost every evening when we were all on vacation together! Come join us as we talk about binging shows like Tiger King, COVID-19, conspiracy theories, and more!...

Coronavirus and Food - How We're Dealing With It Right Now...

Mar 25 • 41:53

Things have escalated quickly with COVID-19 (coronavirus) and we wanted to give you a little insight into the timeline we've had from first knowing of the virus to where we are now. We want to talk about our food storage and how we've built it to where it is now and give you some advice on how to start building yours right now....

Our Kid's Personalities VS Their Zodiac Signs! (SURPRISING!)

Mar 18 • 58:01

Let's get our minds off of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) for a little while and laugh for a minute. Today, we research what our kid's zodiac signs are, what the associated personalities, likes, and dislikes are, and then compare them to our kids. Are the spot on? Are they way off? Let's find out!...

The Night I Almost Died (with Special Guest)

Mar 11 • 54:41
Thinking you aren't going to make it through the night is a very scary thing, but it happens. Today, we invite a special guest to talk about our experiences thinking that we might not make it to the next morning and the issues that our hearts are having. In addition, our special guest (Craig Mecham, my Dad) talks about his work in Utah and what he enjoys doing now that the...

You Won't BELIEVE What Ellie Has Planned...

Mar 4 • 36:06

Today we discuss our goals and where we are currently standing with them. We provide some insight on what makes a good goal and why that can be different for some people. Ellie decides to do something that will change our family dynamic and that I did NOT see coming. Big surprise for us....

Sexual Safety - I Can't Believe Jackson Asked This! - Part 2

Feb 26 • 40:10
Today we continue to talk about sexual safety with kids and specifically about a conversation that Jackson had with Ellie. We feel like this intense conversation could not have happened unless we did the things which we talked about in Part 1. 
We know that each parenting style and kid is different so these ideas may not apply in every situation. We encourage you to do what...

Sexual Safety - Preparing Kids (Part 1)

Feb 19 • 32:05

Today we talk about sexual safety with kids and what we're doing to help prepare them for issues that they may run into. We discuss this based on past experiences we've had and based on the social media lifestyle we live. We know that each parenting style and kid is different so these ideas may not apply in every situation. That being said, we feel like it's something we n...

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