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EFT Tapping for Grief and Loss

Nov 1 • 17:29

There are many challenges that one can encounter when working on their feelings and experience of grief and loss. EFT can certainly facilitate this process, not necessarily to “tap away” the grief, but to facilitate the grieving process which can include a full acceptance of a wide array of emotions and feelings. Challenges and pressures to “move on” or additional pain tha...

Social Anxiety; When Being with Others Does Not Feel Safe

Oct 3 • 25:16

In this episode we discuss using EFT for feelings of anxiety that show up as anxiousness, nervousness, embarrasment, fear of being judged and more. We review some of the clinical research published regarding EFT’s effectiveness for reducing anxiety, including a meta analysis and clinical trials exploring EFT helping to reduce anxiety in children, university students, adult...

How to Use EFT Tapping with Your Children

Aug 8 • 23:14

In this episode we offer a wealth of tips and insights to how to creatively and effectively use EFT with your children. We begin with exploring how to tap on prenatal stress for parents, especially mom, as mothers and their babies are said to share energy systems throughout the first three years of life. We progress to different strategies for surrogate tapping on behalf o...

The Window of Tolerance, Optimal Arousal Zone and Trauma Informed EFT

Jul 12 • 18:27

Trauma Informed EFT means using EFT gently with the understanding that individuals have often suffered adversity in their past, and that we work with keeping our clients regulated and safe during their EFT sessions. Integrating Dan Siegel’s concept of window of tolerance helps describe the best state of arousal for which we can best function and thrive in our daily lives, ...

Toxic Positivity, Spiritual Bypassing and EFT

Jun 21 • 26:25

There is a powerful trend that seems to be flourishing, especially across many social media platforms that can have a deeply harming effect on many viewers. Perhaps the prolonged pandemic and social political unrest has played role sboth in having people feeling persistently bad about their lives or their relationships and worldviews but then being told that they should in...

Exploring Emotional Root Cause Questions for Working with Health Conditions

Jun 7 • 20:53

In this podcast we explorew 4 levels of inquiry for using EFT for working with facilitating healing of physical conditions. By adopting a lense of curiosity, we can began to move past the obvious negative emotions related to suffering from health challenges and begin to look for purpose and meaning. How might our bodies be trying to speak on our behalf for actions we may n...

From Trauma Aware to Trauma Informed EFT

May 19 • 24:06

In this podcast we discuss how EFT is a trauma aware modality as well as what is even more important, traits of a trauma informed practitioner. We review not only the key elements that are critical for working safely with trauma informed practices as well as the 4 R’s for empowering your clients who have survived adversity and are looking to increase their healing and resi...

Integrating EFT Into Your Therapy Practice

Apr 25 • 15:54

One of the ways we observe the growth and acceptance of EFT is in the surging numbers of licensed therapists and mental health care providers are finding, studying and integrating EFT into their therapy practice. Blending tapping into an existing therapeutic relationship provides its own set of unique challenges in navigating the process with clients. In this podcast Craig...

Is it Time You Stopped Treating Your EFT Business Like a Hobby?

Mar 28 • 20:49

EFT if fun to offer and do and has the potential to be life transforming. If you have been sharing EFT with your community our question to you is: Is it a hobby for you or is it a business, as they are very different. If you are making less than $5,000 per year with your EFT practice, its likely that you are treating your business more like a hobby. In this episode we expl...

Why Creating a Niche Can Make all the Difference for Jumpstarting Your EFT Practice

Mar 14 • 20:35

Many EFT practitioners struggle to grow their practice when being an EFT “generalist.” Given that the majority of the population has no idea what EFT Tapping is, practitioners often find themselves challenged to create a “marketing funnel” of steady new clients who need what they have to offer. Not only do they experience competition from other tapping practitioners but al...

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