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Hosted by Jason Khalipa, the Effort Over Everything Podcast gets real about the fitness industry. Along with his guests, Jason will breakdown the good, bad, and the ugly in true Effort Over Everything fashion. Topics will cover all aspects of Effort including: fitness, business, coaching, training,Read more

Popular episodes

Episode 160 | Jason Khalipa | Creating Success at the CrossFit Games

Jul 29 • 06:07

We've got a SOLO show for you today, listeners! With Jason's extensive experience with the CrossFit Games, he shares secrets about what aided in his success in the sport of fitness--and ultimately carried over into business!...

Episode 159 | Nicky Rod| All I Want To Do Is Make You Quit

Jul 22 • 01:04:40

We've got a special show for you today, y'all! Jason and MDV are joining forces and co-hosting today's episode with Nicky Rod! Equal parts informative and comedic, you'll love listening to these dudes chat BJJ, leadership, training, and everything in between!...

Episode 158 | Gabe Yanez & MDV | Bro Chats Vol. 1

Jul 15 • 01:00:46

Gabe and MDV are back, y'all and we are having a great conversation. We always love when the guys can get together and bro out about all things NCFIT, fitness, nutrition, and life. We are lucky to be surrounded by an amazing team with a wealth of knowledge in widespread arenas....

Episode 157 | Hany Rambod | The Science of Bodybuilding

Jul 8 • 59:44

Hany Rambod is on the show today, listeners, and it's a must-listen. Getting a further understanding of the sport of bodybuilding has only given us a BIGGER respect for it. Whether you're looking to get into the sport of bodybuilding, curious about the nutrition practices it takes to uphold competition physique, or appropriate supplements, we've go you covered! ...

Episode 156 | Jared Truby | Everything You Need To Know About Coffee

Jul 1 • 44:22

Coffee Connoisseur, Cat and Cloud Coffee Co-owner, & NCFIT Ambassador, Jared Truby, is on the show today! For those of you that have coffee as a staple of your everyday diet... this one is for you! From the perfect pour over ratios to best grounds and the in's and out's of cupping, Jason and Jared absoolutely geek out over coffee today!...

Episode 155 | Scott Panchik | Feed The Wolf

Jun 24 • 46:29

Long time friend and CrossFit competitor, Scott Panchik, is on the show today! The boys go way back, talking about old days of compeition, what training is like for today's CrossFit Games, nutrition, supplements, and everything in between! Between being a coach, athlete, and competitor for over a decade, Scott has much insight to bring to today's conversation!...

Episode 154 | MDV & Gabe Yanez | Trigger Warning: Ditching Rest Days & Saying No To Oat Milk

Jun 17 • 01:03:58

Okay, so clearly there's more to this conversation than training modalities and milk alternatives. That said, the boys: Jason, MDV and Gabe, touch on those subjects and everything in between. This conversation is bound to inspire questions, curiosity, and a quest to better your training, nutrition, habits, and connection. ...

Episode 153 | Noah Ohlsen | Happy But Hungry

Jun 10 • 41:22

Noah Ohlsen is on the show today! The guys go down memory lane, explore today's training, mindset, competition, and everything in between. Noah has been in the competitive CrossFit space for close to a decade and is a wealth of knowledge that all athletes can learn from. ...

Episode 152 | Adee Cazayoux | From Medalist to Motherhood

Jun 3 • 41:52

Founder of Working Against Gravity [WAG], Adee Cazayoux, is joining Jason today on the Effort Over Everything Podcast! From graduate school to competitive Olympic Weightlifting, to founding an ultra-successful nutrition company, and starting a family, we follow Adee's evolution today while exploring:...

Episode 151 | Jason Khalipa | 4 Things I Think About Before Every Deal

May 27 • 09:41

We're back, and Jason is riding solo today, y'all! Bringing the business side into the Effort Over Everything Podcast, Jason talks about the 4 things he thinks about before every business deal and opportunity. ...

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