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Effective Altruism: An Introduction – 80,000 Hours

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A collection of ten top episodes of the 80,000 Hours Podcast, specifically selected to help listeners get up to speed on effective altruism as quickly as possible.

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Effective altruism in a nutshell

Apr 12 • 09:35

One: Holden Karnofsky on times philanthropy transformed the world & Open Phil's plan to do the same

Apr 12 • 02:36:04

The Green Revolution averted mass famine during the 20th century. The contraceptive pill gave women unprecedented freedom in planning their own lives. Both are widely recognised as scientific breakthroughs that transformed the world. But few know that those breakthroughs only happened when they did because of a philanthropist willing to take a risky bet on a new idea....

Two: Dr Toby Ord on why the long-term future matters more than anything else & what to do about it

Apr 12 • 02:10:32

Of all the people whose well-being we should care about, only a small fraction are alive today. The rest are members of future generations who are yet to exist. Whether they’ll be born into a world that is flourishing or disintegrating – and indeed, whether they will ever be born at all – is in large part up to us. As such, the welfare of future generations should be our n...

Three: Alexander Berger on improving global health and wellbeing in clear and direct ways

Apr 12 • 02:53:44

The effective altruist research community tries to identify the highest impact things people can do to improve the world. Unsurprisingly, given the difficulty of such a massive and open-ended project, very different schools of thought have arisen about how to do the most good....

Four: Spencer Greenberg on the scientific approach to solving difficult everyday questions

Apr 12 • 02:17:12

Will SpaceX land people on Mars in the next decade? Will North Korea give up their nuclear weapons? Will your friend turn up to dinner?...

Five: Prof Will MacAskill on moral uncertainty, utilitarianism & how to avoid being a moral monster

Apr 12 • 01:52:46

Immanuel Kant is a profoundly influential figure in modern philosophy, and was one of the earliest proponents for universal democracy and international cooperation. He also thought that women have no place in civil society, that it was okay to kill illegitimate children, and that there was a ranking in the moral worth of different races....

Six: Ajeya Cotra on worldview diversification and how big the future could be

Apr 12 • 02:56:27

Imagine that humanity has two possible futures ahead of it: Either we’re going to have a huge future like that, in which trillions of people ultimately exist, or we’re going to wipe ourselves out quite soon, thereby ensuring that only around 100 billion people ever get to live....

Seven: Prof Tetlock on why accurate forecasting matters for everything, and how you can do it better

Apr 12 • 02:17:25

Have you ever been infuriated by a doctor's unwillingness to give you an honest, probabilistic estimate about what to expect? Or a lawyer who won't tell you the chances you'll win your case?...

Eight: Prof Hilary Greaves on moral cluelessness, population ethics, & harnessing the brainpower of academia to tackle the most important research questions

Apr 12 • 02:48:33

The barista gives you your coffee and change, and you walk away from the busy line. But you suddenly realise she gave you $1 less than she should have. Do you brush your way past the people now waiting, or just accept this as a dollar you’re never getting back? ...

Nine: Benjamin Todd on the key ideas of 80,000 Hours

Apr 12 • 02:57:13

The 80,000 Hours Podcast is about “the world’s most pressing problems and how you can use your career to solve them”, and in this episode we tackle that question in the most direct way possible. ...

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