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A weekly podcast about the future of learning. Join host Jeff Young and other EdSurge reporters as they sit down with educators, innovators and scholars for frank and in-depth conversations.

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When the SAT Feels Like a Lock, Not a Key. Bootstraps, Ep. 5

Dec 7 • 35:56

Sal Khan's Quest to Make 'Mastery Learning' Mainstream

Nov 30 • 24:04
Khan Academy has grown from a grassroots phenomenon on YouTube to a non-profit with a mission to change education. Its big idea is to promote a notion of mastery learning, where students don't move on until they understand each step through a curriculum. We asked Sal Khan how that broader goal of making mastery learning mainstream is going, and what's next for Khan Academy...

What If Education Was ‘Competency-Based’?

Nov 23 • 28:51
Could the pandemic be a moment that competency-based education catches on more widely. It's an approach where colleges award degrees based on what students can show they know, rather than how long they've spent in a classroom. Paul LeBlanc, president of Southern New Hampshire University, talks about his new book about the approach, called Students First: Equity, Access and...

Kids Don’t Always Believe in Climate Science. Are Schools ‘Miseducating’ Them?

Nov 16 • 21:07

What If Free Online Courses Weren’t Inside Walled Gardens?

Nov 9 • 29:47

Breaking Down the Early Childhood Education Crisis — and What Might Be Done About It

Nov 2 • 28:04
You’re probably hearing a lot about the crisis in early childhood education these days, as Congress is on the cusp the biggest policy change — and investment — in early childhood in decades. On today’s podcast, we want to step back and look at how we got here -- at what the situation means to educators at all levels and for parents, and at what the Biden Administration’s p...

Are Upstart Online Providers Getting Better at Teaching Than Traditional Colleges?

Oct 26 • 38:00
You may remember the hype about 10 years ago when a new approach to online teaching with technology was touted as a possible alternative to traditional college, called MOOCs, or Massive Open Online Courses, led by startups like Coursera. These days you don’t hear much about them, but they never went away—in fact they’ve boomed since the pandemic. So much so that one profes...

Encouraging Teachers To Share Their Mistakes

Oct 19 • 27:49

The Tyranny of Letter Grades. Bootstraps, Ep. 4

Oct 12 • 39:15

Should Robots Replace Teachers?

Oct 5 • 40:52

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