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Checks and Balance: When I’m 46

Nov 6 • 45:48

Joe Biden is set to score a rare victory against an incumbent to become America’s 46th president. A Biden White House will set a new tone for the country. Yet the unexpected closeness of the vote - and the president’s refusal to go quietly - means the Trump brand of populism will live on. ...

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The Economist Asks: Brené Brown

Oct 22 • 30:57

The Texan research professor, podcaster and adviser to CEOs explains how to preserve mental health in the covid-19 era. Anne McElvoy asks what her study of isolation shows about the effects of pandemic restrictions. Brown explains the effects of fear during lockdowns and how our neurobiology makes us seek a sense of control. She argues the benefits of executives showing th...

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Homework: the future of the office

Sep 14 • 22:39

The pandemic has been a giant experiment in working from home. We examine whether workers are happier and more productive using Zoom in their pyjamas than commuting in a suit. In the southern hemisphere, the seasonal flu seems to have faded, as a happy byproduct of lockdown and social distancing. And an obituary for one of Pol Pot’s murderous lieutenants. For full access t...

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Checks and Balance: Ctrl Alt Delete

Jan 22 • 39:54

Joe Biden faces multiple crises after four years that often resembled a denial-of-service attack on American governance. How will the new administration reboot Washington?...

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You don’t say: tech’s Trump bans

Jan 12 • 23:14

Moves to shutter the president’s accounts and to crimp corners of the internet given to right-wing extremism raise thorny questions, both about free speech and social-media firms’ business models. Our social-policy editor takes a broad look at girlhood: how women’s adolescence has changed for the better but is challenged mightily by covid-19. And science’s bid to save more...

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Get the lead out: Zambia’s toxic mine

Dec 21 • 22:36

A site that closed more than a quarter-century ago is still slowly poisoning the residents of Kabwe with lead; a class-action lawsuit is at last seeking redress. Our correspondent visits the ancient monastery behind the international Shaolin brand, learning the subtle story of its abbot and chief executive. And flicking through The Economist’s staff picks for books of the ...

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Subcontinental drift: India’s covid spike

Sep 8 • 21:26

A hurried lockdown early in the pandemic has cratered the country’s economy, and infection rates are now shooting up. More suffering lies ahead, on both counts. The United Nations peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo has failed for 20 years running, and now there is pressure for it to decamp. And the transatlantic tale of the baked bean....

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Biting the hands that would feed: Ethiopia

Jan 22 • 18:52

There are signs that the federal government is obstructing humanitarian aid to the war-torn region of Tigray, putting millions of civilians at risk of famine. We draw lessons from Israel’s vaccine rollout to predict what still lies ahead for many countries. And what can be learned by striking a deal with Bali’s larcenous monkeys. For full access to print, digital and audio...

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