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Karen Dynan on What We’ve Learned from Recent Recessions

Nov 21 • 23:57
In the wake of the economic crisis of the 1970s, and again, in the aftermath of 2008, macroeconomists have had to rethink their understanding of the drivers of recessions, as well as the most effective policy responses to them. This week on EconoFact Chats, Karen Dynan and Michael Klein discuss how past recessions have shaped today’s fiscal and monetary policy, the role of...

John Cassidy on Reality-based Economics and Economic Policies

Nov 14 • 27:20
Economic theories often inform policy choices, but events can call into question these same theories. In this episode of EconoFact Chats, John Cassidy, Staff Writer for The New Yorker joins Michael Klein to discuss how policies based on the advantages of unfettered free markets were challenged by the 2008 financial and economic crisis.  John also discusses other instances ...

Maurice Obstfeld on the Past, Present, and Future of Globalization

Nov 7 • 22:36
Nationalist economic policies, including rising opposition to free trade, skepticism of international institutions, and anti-immigrant sentiment, are on the rise at a time when the pandemic and climate change are making international cooperation more necessary than ever. This week on EconoFact Chats, Michael Klein speaks with Maurice Obstfeld, widely recognized as one of t...

Alicia Modestino on the Evolving Opioid Crisis

Oct 31 • 21:12
Even as overdose deaths from opioids in the US reached a disturbing peak of 69,000 in 2020, monthly state-level data for 2021 suggests that overdose deaths are on pace to rise even further; likely driven by a combination of increased stress, reduced access to care, and a greater prevalence of more lethal drugs. This week on EconoFact Chats, Alicia Sasser Modestino of North...

What Do a Billion Prices Tell Us About Inflation?

Oct 24 • 22:03
High inflation has become a central concern. After four decades of low inflation, the so-called ‘great moderation,’ the key question is whether the current situation portends a return to the high and rising inflation of the 1970s, or whether we are seeing a temporary blip due to supply chain disruptions and other effects of the pandemic.

Looking at a finer-grained analysis ...

The Politics of Economic Policies (Re-Broadcast)

Oct 17 • 23:19

The Art and Science of Data Visualization

Oct 10 • 23:34
How can journalists present statistics in a way that is both understandable and accurate? Why are data visualizations sometimes misleading rather than informative? As newspapers scale up their data coverage, journalists are developing insights into how best to report complex statistics without misrepresenting them.

This week on EconoFact Chats, Michael Klein and Ben Cassel...

Challenges to the International Trading System

Oct 3 • 22:48
How do laws affect commerce between nations? Are WTO decisions routinely biased against the interests of the United States? What are the biggest legal challenges to the international trading system? What role do labor standards and the protection of intellectual property play for international trade?

This week on EconoFact Chats, Joel Trachtman, a leading scholar of of inte...

Eswar Prasad on Cryptocurrencies, and the Future of Money

Sep 26 • 22:53
Even as the popularity of cryptocurrencies grows, debates surrounding their viability as a medium of exchange, a store of value, and as an investment remain contentious. In this episode of EconoFact Chats, Eswar Prasad of Cornell University joins Michael Klein for a discussion of how cryptocurrencies work, the ways in which they differ from central bank digital currencies,...

The COVID-19 Crisis: Looking Forward (Re-broadcast)

Sep 19 • 25:54

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