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Super Sustainable Buildings via Thermal Dynamics & Passive Solar. An Earthship is a type of passive solar house that is made of both natural and upcycled materials (such as earth-packed tires). Earthships can be completely off-grid or partially off-grid. Earthships can be built in any part of theRead more

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Earthship Biotecture: 2020 to 2021

Dec 23 • 01:11:56

Earthships and Haiti: Past, Present, and Future

Dec 11 • 01:12:08

The Grid: Laws and Regulations

Aug 12 • 15:25

Global Model Earthship for the world Tour with Michael Reynolds

Aug 3 • 17:20

An overview of the the Global Model Earthship. How it works, all the design aspects. Construction Drawings on sale no at https://earthshipbio…m/category/drawings/ from $595.   2 sets of stock off-grid construction drawings and 1 Off-Grid Mechanical Set and 1 Detail Set. Usually you don’t have to submit the detail and mechanical drawings with the permit application.  Off-Gr...

Earthships And Cancer Episode 1

Jul 28 • 40:57

A Coming of Wizards CH 7 - Non-Local Awareness

Jul 23 • 42:35

We have established "the art of leaning" as a method to take us to a state of mind from which we can get grasp of the concept of "non-local awareness". The more the art of leaning is understood and actually applied, the greater our chances of experiencing non-local awareness on something other than just an intellectual level....

A Coming of Wizards CH 6 - The Art of Leaning

Jul 23 • 34:59

From the top of a mountain ridge, one gets a more all encompassing view of the approach to life in the lower lands below. The unique enlightenment gained from this type of view is unattainable without somehow getting oneself up to the Ridgeline of the mountains to experience it....

A Coming of Wizards CH 5 - Direct Living

Jul 23 • 37:26

There has been talk of being detached from our physical surroundings - that maybe it is more “spiritual” to be less attached to the physical plane. This type of thinking has exposed the planet we live on to neglect and abuse by humanity. How can we be enlightened beings on an abused planet?...

A Coming of Wizards CH 4 - A Coming of Wizards

Jul 16 • 54:41

Earthship Hotel Uruguay

Apr 21 • 33:25

In February of 2019, Earthship Biotecture conducted an Earthship Academy for more than 60 students who gathered near Colonia Del Sacremento, Uruguay. A Star studded Earthship Crew tie Lou, Rory, Phil, Harry, Mo, Spider, Ralph, Dan, Michael and so many more and with the students focused on learning all about Earthships from the legends of Earthship....

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