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Dungeons and Daddies

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A D&D real play podcast about four dads from our world transported into a realm of high fantasy and magic, and their quest to rescue their sons. Not a BDSM podcast!

Popular episodes

FETCH QUEST Ep. 2 - Flea Collar Comedy Tour

Nov 30 • 01:35:01

The Dogs (and Cat) discover the beauty of the Hidden Valley, infiltrate Faerun's stand-up comedy scene, and make out a little....

FETCH QUEST Ep. 1 - All Dogs Go To Faerun

Nov 16 • 01:45:36

Our between-seasons mini series begins! Donut, Beignet, Cookie and Mochi are sucked into a strange new land, and must scratch 'n sniff their way through an enchanted forest to find a Very Good Boy....

Talking Dad (Season 1 After Show)

Nov 2 • 01:20:18

In this special post-season after show, we go over the finale and give some insight into our thoughts and feelings about Season 1, our show, our characters, and D&D itself! We talk about the differences between being a player and being a characters, our individual approaches to the show, stinger endings, intros, our favorite bits, and the wild realization of how much of th...

Ep 68, Pt. 2 - Hi "Going Home," I'm Dad!

Oct 19 • 01:36:25

Part two. The season finale of Dungeons and Daddies: Season 1 - Odyssey. The dads confront the remaining Omega dads who stand between them and home....

Ep. 68 - I'm Going Home

Oct 5 • 02:00:17

Part one of the two-part finale. The dads execute their plan as the final battle ensues....

Ep. 67 - Mortal Wombat

Sep 21 • 01:30:24

The dads pay their respects and skirmish with enemy forces as the final pieces of their plan fall into place....

Back to School Livestream Show - 9/18 at 5 PM PT

Sep 16 • 10:02

Ep. 66 - Fender Glennder

Sep 7 • 01:11:37

The dads prepare their sons for the fight and have a heart to heart with Glenn....

Ep. 65 - Frank Conversations

Aug 24 • 01:23:41

The dads pool their resources and big brain energy together to form their final plan of attack....

Ep. 64 - Mechanics and Heat 101

Aug 10 • 01:18:07

The dads come up with a plan to deal with Willie....

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