Dungeons and Daddies

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A D&D real play podcast about four dads from our world transported into a realm of high fantasy and magic, and their quest to rescue their sons. Not a BDSM podcast!

Popular episodes

Ep. 63 - Meet the Parents

Jul 27 • 01:18:46

The dads begin the process of recruiting allies from all across the land for their final battle....

Ep. 62 - Sonscreen

Jul 13 • 01:09:09

With all the anchors in hand, the dads plan their next move....

Ep. 61 - Death of a Salesman

Jun 29 • 01:24:48

The dads dig deep into Ron's mind to retrieve his anchor....

Ep. 60 - Goblin

Jun 15 • 01:11:11

The dads come face-to-face with Willie as they investigate Ron's anchor....

Ep. 59 - Retail Therapy

Jun 1 • 01:08:10

The dads decompress (and are back to recording in person!) and prepare for their journey to Swankery Hill....

Ep. 58 - It Was Inside You All Along

May 18 • 01:16:24

The dads and Glenn continue their fight against two deadly aboleths...

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Ep. 57 - Heroes of Moat and Magic

May 4 • 01:09:59

The dads and Glenn leave their castle and run into some trouble....

Ep. 56 - SWAP (SWitched Ass Papas)

Apr 20 • 01:11:54

Souls swap between bodies....

8 reactions

Ep. 55 - Mark! A Vagrant (ft. Ashly Burch)

Apr 6 • 01:17:26

Mark Likely returns and presents the dads with a deal....

Ep. 54 - A Game of Tomes

Mar 23 • 01:02:57

The dads and Glenn enter Book Castle in hot pursuit of Jodie and Nicholas....

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