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Someone is changing all the streetlights in Pepper Heights, Cleveland. The color of nighttime is shifting. Everyone thinks they know what happened at the Pepper Heights Zoo… But do they, really? Dane, a spun-out musician spending the winter in Cleveland, Ohio, has two main goals: keeping his jobRead more

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A message from Dane

Dec 3 • 02:24

Anthem: Homunculus

Apr 29 • 30:37

We hope you enjoy this sample episode of Anthem: Homunculus, a new fiction podcast from our friend John Cameron Mitchell and Bryan Weller. Anthem features 31 original songs delivered by 40 actors (with 7 Tony Awards®) and 30 musicians on one unconventional audio stage. (Glenn Close sings a punk song nailed to a cross, Patti Lupone is a junkie nun singing bebop, Cynthia Eri...

Episode 8: The Great Pornography of the Cosmos

Mar 26 • 56:09

"And so do we waste all our wishes on stars, when there's all of that space in between."...

Episode 7.5: Behind the Scenes

Mar 12 • 30:20

Icebergs, forgotten songs, and lesbian trickery! Go behind the scenes of Dreamboy with Dane & Ellie....

Episode 7: The Rally

Feb 26 • 31:23

“I will stay here with my zebra striped sleeping bag and my zebra striped mask, and I will sleep here until I get answers.”...

Episode 6: Jupiter's Lifeless Moons

Feb 12 • 41:34

“Attention miners aboard Shuttle 5, please report all Helium 2 in the debriefing room!”...

Episode 5: Heart of the Rock

Jan 29 • 42:58

“I give the cakes so I can keep the dreams.”...

Dreams for 2019

Jan 22 • 06:21

Dan Roddlestein's Holiday Hoopla

Dec 18 • 29:02

Broadcasting live on 89.7 Classical Cleveland, it's Dan Roddlestein's Holiday Hoopla!...

Episode 4: The Blue Hand

Dec 4 • 47:39

I can’t really feel my own body. It’s like I got locked out of it, in a storm....

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