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Dr. Laura Call of the Day | 2020 Nominee • 15th Annual Podcast Awards - Kids & Family CategoryOfficial feed of the Dr. Laura Call of the Day Podcast! As one of the most popular talk show hosts in radio history, Dr. Laura Schlessinger offers no-nonsense advice infused with a strong sense of ethics,Read more

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I Lost My Son's Hamster!

Jul 29 • 04:25

Sonya's son's hamster escaped after she accidentally left its cage door open, and she hasn't admitted to her son that she is the reason for the loss. Dr. Laura: Show the character you are trying to raise him with by taking responsibility for your mistake." ...

I'm Uncomfortable Spending My Inheritance

Jul 28 • 09:48

Jennifer inherited money after the death of her mother and brother, but she doesn't feel right spending it. - Dr. Laura: "Let the money honor their lives by bringing some joy and peace to yours." ...

My Dad Had a Secret Family

Jul 27 • 12:21

Blair's father was unfaithful and had a secret family and Blair is afraid of her own husband doing the same thing. - Dr. Laura: "Life is like monkey bars; to move forward, you must let go of the bar behind you." ...

Money Trouble is Hurting Our Marriage

Jul 27 • 06:25

Since moving into a more expensive neighborhood, Tyson says he is struggling financially and with his marriage. - Dr. Laura: "Work as a team to resolve problems you've both created." ...

My Daughter is a Drug Addict

Jul 26 • 05:46

Shannon's teenage daughter has started using drugs and getting violent with her siblings and mother. - Dr. Laura: "Learn from your mistake with your first child, and don't repeat it with the others." ...

Better Late Than Never!

Jul 23 • 08:53

Lauren spent most of her life in relationships with alcoholic men but finally, in her golden years, she has learned to treat herself with more respect. - Dr. Laura: "Be true to yourself."...

My Daughter Wants to Change Her Name

Jul 23 • 06:00

Gretchen's 18-year-old daughter would like to lose her father's last name and use her mother's maiden name, but Gretchen's not sure that's a good idea. - Dr. Laura: "Trust the decisions of a person who shows good character and maturity."...

My New Husband is an Addict

Jul 23 • 07:15

After only three months of marriage, Michelle has discovered that her husband has a cocaine addiction. - Dr. Laura: "You will gain self-respect when you correct your mistake."...

I Chose Work Over Family

Jul 23 • 03:43

Cyndi regrets that, to cope with her cancer diagnosis, she became a workaholic and let her home life slip. - Dr. Laura: "Love - not work - is what keeps us alive." ...

My Daughter Told Me “No!”

Jul 22 • 07:15

Michelle's teenage daughter has started to disobey and talk back to her mother, and Michelle would like to know if she handled their recent fight correctly. - Dr. Laura: "Don't miss opportunities to reward kids who take responsibility for their mistakes." ...

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