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Dr. Laura Call of the Day | 2020 Nominee • 15th Annual Podcast Awards - Kids & Family CategoryThe official feed of the Dr. Laura Call of the Day Podcast with over 100,000,000 downloads and growing!! Each day of the week we release a new episode including "Two for Tuesday" and 4 for the "WeekendRead more

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I've Been Fired (Again) - Part 2

Nov 24 • 07:03

Life's more enjoyable when you view limitations as challenges to be overcome. - Dr. Laura: "Life's more enjoyable when you view limitations as challenges to be overcome....

I've Been Fired (Again) - Part 1

Nov 24 • 03:53

Darrell says that he tends to take jobs that he's not necessarily qualified for and, ultimately, gets fired when it's discovered that he's in over his head. - Dr. Laura: "You can make something beautiful with the talents you have."...

I'm Scared to Go to Sleep

Nov 24 • 07:40

8-year-old Katie is afraid at nighttime and wishes her parents would wait for her to fall asleep before they turn in fo bed each night. - Dr. Laura: "Face your fears with planning and preparation."...

Is It OK for My Kids to See Me Sad?

Nov 24 • 05:54

Wendy is mourning the loss of her brother and is having trouble of dealing with her sadness. - Dr. Laura: "Dealing with sadness doesn't always require expressing it."...

Road Rage is Rearing Its Ugly Head

Nov 24 • 11:48

Christie says she can hardly drive anymore without feeling exasperated with other drivers. - Dr. Laura: "Don't let your interactions with inconsiderate people steal moments from your life."...

My Mom is Fading Away

Nov 24 • 05:19

Laura's mom is in a stage of memory decline, and Laura feels resentful and angry that her family hasn't done more to try to slow the progression of the disease. - Dr. Laura: "It's normal to miss the way things were and to be scared for yourself."...

I Can Give Help, But I Can't Accept Help

Nov 23 • 08:34

Mundi is a grief counselor who is used to supporting others but is finding it difficult to show her vulnerability and receive help for the grief she's experiencing. - Dr. Laura: "No one is above feeling human emotions."...

Thanks For Giving My Daughter The “Sex” Talk

Nov 22 • 04:16

Randy is grateful that he and his teenage daughter were listening together when Dr. Laura took a call about premarital sex, setting up a great conversation between Randy and his child. - Dr. Laura: "Refraining from premarital sex preserves your value and self-worth."...

Marathon Sneak Preview: How Long Should I Feel Bad About My Screwup?

Nov 19 • 02:30

Here’s a special sneak preview call from the upcoming Thanksgiving Weekend Marathon heard exclusively on SiriusXM Triumph 111: Shannon says she earned the guilt she feels but isn't sure how long she should be contrite after trying to make amends. - Dr. Laura: "Only good people feel true guilt."...

Did I Do The Right Thing?

Nov 19 • 03:42

Josh's mom prefers to take pictures of her adult children without their spouses, but Josh has had enough and recently demanded his wife be by his side. - Dr. Laura: "Good men protect their women."...

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