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Doomer Optimism is a podcast dedicated to discovering regenerative paths forward, highlighting the people working for a better world, and connecting seekers to doers. Beyond that, it's pretty much a $hitshow. Enjoy!

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Doomer Optimism is posting from the underground

Nov 30 • 01:16:13

On this episode of Doomer Optimism, hosts Dr. Jason Snyder (@cognazor) and Tres Crow (@dogeatcrow) chat with Dostoyevsky addict and burgeoning Doomer Optimist, Ethan Charles Holmes (otherwise known as Posts from the Underground @the_posts) about the doomer to bloomer pipeline and the OG Doomer Optimist, Fyodor Dostoevsky....

Doomer Optimism is getting tipsy

Nov 18 • 01:32:43

On this episode of Doomer Optimism, repeat hosts Patrick Fitzgerald (@RizomaAT) and Dr. Jason Snyder (@cognazor) grab some beers and have a freewheeling discussion about the nature of Doomer Optimism, the future, and whether or not you'd kiss a llama....

Doomer Optimism is thinking about the whole system

Nov 8 • 01:30:34

On this episode of Doomer Optimism, guest hosts Anarcho-Contrarian (@anarcontrarian) and Joe Norman (@normonics) chat with Ben Falk, the mastermind behind Whole Systems Design, and an expert on permaculture, homesteading, and ecology....

Doomer Optimism is feeling a little contrarian

Nov 2 • 01:13:32

On this episode of Doomer Optimism, host Tres Crow (@dogeatcrow) and guest host Patrick Fitzgerald (@rizomaat) tease out some gems from the Twitter anon Anarcho-Contrarian (@anarcontrarian). Topics range from the importance of cities for a just transition to what it means to be politically homeless....

Doomer Optimism to the Max!

Oct 27 • 01:16:00

On this episode, Dr. Ashley (@rizomaschool) is joined by guest host Dr. Joe Norman (@normonics) and the indomitable Tucker Max (@tuckermax) as they wind their way through a freewheeling conversation that runs the gamut from wokism to psychedelic therapy....

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Doomer Optimism is Guerilla Gardening

Oct 13 • 01:11:59
On this episode, we have a gaggle of hosts interviewing our esteemed guest, Julie Fredrickson, serial entrepreneur and astute political observer. In the discussion, we tackle a bunch of topics, ranging from decentralization, DAO, guerilla gardening, and much, much more.

About Julie Fredrickson
I'm a founder, and now investor, with extensive experience across the internet and...

Doomer Optimism Strikes Back with Josh Heling

Sep 20 • 01:20:02

In this episode, Dr. Ashley Colby chats up poultry farmer and all-around great guy Josh Heling in what is his very first podcast appearance. Tres hangs around in the background, but has nothing of interest to add to the conversation, per usual. A survey of topics covered: getting over imposter syndrome in the homesteading movement, the meaning of Doomer Optimism, why an oa...

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