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Zeus Plug - a Doctor Who podcast series discussing each new episode of Doctor Who as it broadcasts, as well as special one-off episodes in between series. Made in New Zealand. Broadcast to the world.

Popular episodes

ZEUS PLUG - The 2017 End Of Year Special

Dec 31 • 33:28
The end of the year is upon us, and so Zeus Plug returns for a look back at an eventful year where the Doctor changed gender, the show changed runner and the Watcher changed employment status.

Joining Jono to discuss this and the recent Christmas coda are The Doctor Who Show's Rob Irwin, and Beyond the Sofa's Peter Adamson.

Featuring the return of the Omnirumour, Damaris H...

ZEUS PLUG - The 13th Doctor

Jul 16 • 11:00

ZEUS PLUG - The Series 10 Review

Jul 8 • 43:13
It's the end... and the puddle has been prepared for... Series 10 is wrapped, and it's time to set it amongst its peers and see how it stands on its own two cyber-rocket feet. Joining Jono Park to run through the fields of the latest season are Radio Free Skaro's Steven Schapansky, and Wife in Space's Neil Perryman. Featuring the official new Doctor predictions, the golden...

ZEUS PLUG - World Enough And Time

Jun 28 • 40:34
We’re back with the episode that’s either 41 minutes or 187 years long, depending on your location. Joining Jono Park to head down the lifts towards World Enough & Time are Flight Through Entirety’s Brendon Jones & that comic guy Paul Scoones. Featuring a depreciating DVD collection, an epic David Ronayne theory and what your father-in-law thinks of Doctor Who monsters (hi...

ZEUS PLUG - Empress Of Mars

Jun 12 • 28:39


Jun 6 • 21:41

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