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Doctor Who: Toby Hadoke's Time Travels

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Four different Doctor Who Podcasts from award winning comedian Toby Hadoke, whose Edinburgh show Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf became a West End hit, toured the world, and became a Sony nominated BBC Radio series. The podcasts are: Happy Times and Places - episode commentaries (a video version isRead more

Popular episodes

Happy Times and Places 27.3 - The Time Monster 3

Dec 6 • 30:04

Well on paper this was the most exciting slice of Doctor Who imaginable - transporting all sorts of lethal threats from the past and plopping them into the present to cause havoc: exactly the kind of time bending, weird juxtaosition type stuff that the show should be doing. So why does The Time Monster not get the appreciation - and, crucially, can locations film guy and D...

Happy Times and Places 27. 2 - The Time Monster 2

Dec 3 • 29:41

Happy Times and Places 27.1- The Time Monster 1

Nov 29 • 30:35

One of the very earliest of these to be recorded but held back just to mix things up a bit, another unpopular story with "Time" in the title is thrust into the Happy Times and Places schedule. Locations runner (and someone who has tracked down many a Who alumnus for his interview series The Unsung Heroes of Doctor Who) has chosen this oft ridiculed tale - so he and your ho...

Happy Times and Places 26.1 - Love and Monsters

Nov 26 • 01:35:54

Now then, this will be interesting. A story hugely despised by many, and yet those that prefer to love than monster it will fight for its reputation and absorb any criticism aimed at it....

Far Too Much Information (Bonus Minisode) - Class of ‘63

Nov 23 • 43:47
To celebrate a year of podcasting Toby Hadoke's Time Travels - not to mention 58 years of Doctor Who - here is one of the best bits of the Patreon exclusive podcast (Far) Too Much Information. This minisode is a re-recording - with loads of updates including new clips and interviews - of Toby's quest to find out everything about the Coal Hill Kids (the schoolchildren extra...

Too Much Information 2.3 - The Escape

Nov 22 • 52:58

This time around your host, Toby Hadoke, delves into the third episode of the second Doctor Who story: which nearly, but not quite, features the first use of a word that will become forever associated with the show, has a bit of a turnaround of its guest cast (two of whom have present or future familial connections with the show) and introduces us to the other denizens of ...

Indefinable Magic 11 - Nothing Serious, Nothing Political

Nov 19 • 51:11

There is definitely a podcast to be made about the political opinions expressed in many a TV Doctor Who adventure... but this isn't it. This is, instead, a look at many of those people who have sojourned in the Whonioverse who have dedicated at least some of their lives to politics. Forming parties, standing for parliament, serving on a district council - there are underco...

Happy Times and Places 25.6 - Genesis of the Daleks 6

Nov 12 • 40:28

And so things come to a head in the bunker and the elite have to decide which side they are on. It'd pretty much the same in Podcastville - will top comedy writer David Quantick and your host Toby Hadoke end up on the same side, or will they end up being thrown into the path of a laser beam by a Nazi in a wig? Anything could happen, but one things for sure, out of a Doctor...

Happy Times and Places 25.5 - Genesis of the Daleks 5

Nov 8 • 43:08

This episode of Doctor Who contains one of the finest scenes in the show's history, but your host Toby Hadoke might go off on one - and it needs the celebrated wit of guest David Quantick to bring a bit of sanity back to proceedings. But things take an unexpected twist when he chooses his favourite thing from this episode. How will Toby react? Will he cope, or will he just...

Happy Times and Places 25.4 - Genesis of the Daleks 4

Nov 4 • 36:43

Host Toby Hadoke has strapped David Quantick - writer of Veep, Danger Mouse, Brass Eye, The Day Today and much more - to a table and threatened to torture his best friends unless he reveals his favourite things about Genesis of the Daleks. The biggest challenge here is narrowing down what to most celebrate about one of Doctor Who's first hours. And will you, the listener, ...

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