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Jason Snell and a rotating cast of guests have a post-episode discussion of “Doctor Who” that’s always bigger on the inside.

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67: "Survivors of the Flux" (S13E5)

Nov 28 • 01:21:02

Verity! podcaster and Big Finish writer Lizbeth Myles joins Jason to discuss “Survivors of the Flux,” the penultimate episode of this short, interlinked season. This is an episode that has to do a lot of work setting up for the grand finale, and one-third of the story has to do all that heavy lifting—but with an intriguing emotional aspect to things. There’s also the Amazi...

66: "Village of the Angels" (S13E4)

Nov 22 • 57:28

A lot of stuff happens in this episode. Angels in basements! Angels in tunnels! Angels in a fireplace! Angels in graveyards! If you want Weeping Angels, where else to go but the village of the angels? More broadly, Houman Sadri and Antony Johnston join Jason to discuss how the season is shaping up, where the show may be going from here, and at the end, some particularly wi...

65: "Once, Upon Time" (S13E3)

Nov 14 • 54:12

Just as time has always dreamed of destroying its age-old enemy, space, we have always wanted to podcast weekly about “Doctor Who,” so we did! This week’s episode features flashbacks! Secrets! Surprise appearances! And Tamagotchi baby? We try to break it all down and decide there is too much—so we sum up what we can....

64: "War of the Sontarans" (S13E2)

Nov 7 • 01:14:59

Popular “Lazy Doctor Who” podcasters Erika Ensign and Steven Schapansky join Jason to discuss part two of “Flux,” which features both fictional aliens the Sontarans and actual historical figure Mary Seacole! Also, Yaz meets Vinder at a temple populated by floating triangles, and Dan takes a wok on the wild side. (No?) We also offer some theories about where “Flux” may be g...

63: "The Halloween Apocalypse" (S13E1)

Oct 31 • 48:03

“Doctor Who” is back and so are we, for part one of this season’s six-episode-long epic story. As is so often true for multi-part Doctor Who adventures, it’s actually hard to judge how it went from a single episode! But we try our best to identify all the dangling threads in episode one, from men in hats to a surprisingly un-chilly Arctic Circle to a tiny house that puts o...

"Revolution of the Daleks" (2021 New Year's Special) (TeeVee 684)

Jan 2 • 01:09:55

It’s New Year’s Day and there’s new “Doctor Who” on the telly. Jason is joined by an enormous pajama party of a panel as we break down a visit from Daleks, Chris Noth, John Barrowman, and the TARDIS Fam! ...

"The Timeless Children" (S12E10) (TeeVee 623)

Mar 2 • 01:05:45

“Doctor Who” wraps up a pretty successful season this week. But did the finale stick the landing? Has series canon been rewritten forever? Does the Master have a design department? Time for one final breakdown before the Flashcast goes into cold storage until the next holiday special....

"Ascension of the Cybermen" (S12E9) (TeeVee 620)

Feb 23 • 47:14

When this season’s available as a binge watch you’ll forget this gap ever even happened. We’re here to discuss the first half of the “Doctor Who” season finale, which is a little like reviewing the first half of a book or movie. What will happen next week? We have endless theories and no hard evidence! Are these red herrings we see before us? Why is the Lone Cyberman so ef...

"The Haunting of Villa Diodati" (S12E8) (TeeVee 619)

Feb 16 • 40:04

Did “Doctor Who” create “Frankenstein”, or did “Frankenstein” create “Doctor Who”? It’s worth pondering as we discuss an episode in which Mary Shelley encounters some notable time travelers, Lord Byron is really into the Doctor, and Graham eats a spooky sandwich. Recorded live in Los Angeles at the Gallifrey One convention, nearly every “Doctor Who” podcaster watched this ...

"Can You Hear Me?" (S12E7) (TeeVee 618)

Feb 9 • 46:40

This week Houman Sadri joins Jason to discuss angry gods, quick resolutions, animation, nightmare fuel, the realities of being a “Doctor Who” companion, and the importance of seeking help when you are struggling, all embedded inside a discussion of this week’s episode. Plus, we dive deep into conspiracy corner to talk further about the ramifications of “Prisoner of the Jud...

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