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Doctor Who: Five Years Rapid


The only Doctor Who podcast to tackle 5 seasons of the 3rd Doctor in only 2 years! Joy Piedmont and Kyle Anderson do a deep dive on one story from the Jon Pertwee tenure of Doctor Who every month, talking about its themes, origins, historical context, and all-around cool factor. After all, who'sRead more

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The Big Wrap-Up Episode

Sep 3 • 02:02:30

And we've come to the end of Five Years Rapid, which is what we'll call season 1 of a Doctor Who podcast from Kyle and Joy. (More on that later.) In this final FYR, we give you our top 5 and bottom 3 stories, our Senior Superlatives, and try to summarize the Third Doctor era as succinctly as possible. As you can see, it's our longest ever episode....

24 - Planet of the Spiders

Aug 6 • 01:34:51

It's the end...but the moment has been prepared for. Wait, no, that's a different final story. We did it! We have come to the end of the five year that have indeed been rapid. Joy and Kyle discuss "Planet of the Spiders," a beloved story that has a lot to recommend it...and a lot of not great stuff too. Like, more that people like to remember. Let's get in to it! A tear, S...

Episode 23 - The Monster of Peladon

Jul 2 • 01:20:59

Episode 22 - Death to the Daleks

Jun 4 • 48:19

Episode 21 - Invasion of the Dinosaurs

May 7 • 01:19:36

Episode 20 - The Time Warrior

Apr 2 • 01:19:59

Episode 19 - The Green Death w/ Sage Young

Mar 5 • 01:17:23

18 - Planet of the Daleks

Feb 5 • 54:48

Episode 17 - Frontier in Space

Jan 1 • 01:28:31

16 - Carnival of Monsters

Dec 4 • 01:08:46

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