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Mark and Rob host 42 to Doomsday, Australia's longest running and most popular Doctor Who podcast. We chat about the show, and leave the reviews and DVD commentaries to everyone else!

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42 to Doomsday - Dragged from the Archives:1981 (and RTD2!)

Sep 26 • 02:18:55
Episode 95 - Just like RTD and ABBA we have returned, this time dragging our way through the archives for the year 1981! We've plucked the very best from the pages of Celestial Toyroom and TARDIS for your listening pleasure!

But before all that we discuss the ‘Lazarus with a triple bypass’ return of RTD to our favourite television series. Using information from our mole bu...

42 to Doomsday - I'll Take You To Blackpool!

Aug 27 • 01:38:46
Episode 94 – Doctor Who exhibitions are ‘showcased’ in this episode and helping us walk down the promenade of yesteryear are John Collier and Alex Storer, the team behind 2020’s FANTASTIC ‘Blackpool Remembered’ publication. We discuss the book which celebrates the legacy of the Blackpool Exhibition, and also other exhibitions that followed.

We discuss how the publication...

42 to Doomsday - Remember The Omni-Rumour?

Jun 26 • 01:31:57
Episode 93 - Tim, from The Missing Episodes Podcast is our guest as we mash up The Omni-Rumour and our popular Remember When segment!

Tim takes us back to his youth, talking about how he became a fan of the show and how his interest waxed and waned through his formative years before he became enmeshed in the Missing Episodes Omni-rumour saga!

Ah, the Omni-Rumour! That shamb...

42 to Doomsday - Collecting & COVID

May 22 • 01:12:02
Episode 92 - 2020 was a year like no other, and in this episode we are again joined by Aron Challinger, proprietor of Aron's Collectibles, to discuss the impact COVID 19 had on Doctor Who merchandising, particularly from a new series perspective.

We find out what has (and what hasn't!) been flying off the shelves. We ponder the question: are manufacturers delaying new re...

42 to Doomsday - (Alternate) Pertwee Years!

Apr 3 • 01:50:31
Episode 91 - In a time when everyone wishes they were in a better, different universe, 42 to Doomsday returns with a special ‘What If’ episode, concentrating on the Pertwee era!

But even better, bon vivant and comedian extraordinaire Rob Lloyd makes a welcome and triumphant return, chatting at length about the goodness of the Pertwee era, and all the things that might’ve be...

42 to Doomsday - Up (Peri) Scope!

Mar 12 • 01:24:06
Episode 90 – Up (Peri) Scope! - We are back and once again have dragged some beauties from the archives, but this time, with a difference! We’ve put DWB and the 90’s (temporarily) on hiatus and travelled back to the late 70’s / early 80’s of Australian fandom. We focus on our northern cousins (aka the country bumpkins from Queensland) and their (sometimes extreme!) contem...

42 to Doomsday - FANtastic Creators

Jan 1 • 37:15
Episode 89 - We are back with a New Year's day special, albeit one with a difference! In this episode we debut our FANtastic creators segment where we shine the spotlight on some of the many talented people in Doctor Who fandom. We are delighted that our first guest is sculpture extraordinaire Millie McKenzie.

We discuss how she became a fan of the program and what inspir...

42 to Doomsday - Staff Xmas Party - The Sixth Sense(less)

Dec 23 • 02:02:38
Episode 88 - The Doomsday Weapon(s) are back! Rob and Mark are again joined by friends of the podcast, Dave and Richard, for our anticipated (and much loved) Xmas special!

Your Xmas stockings will overflow as we discuss the Doctor Who stories we watched during lockdown and obsess over our Top 3 Doctor Who stories featuring plagues. Then we journey back in time for our Tar...

42 to Doomsday - Should've Been Another Way?

Nov 21 • 01:06:16
Episode 87 - It's another 'What If' episode, this time looking at what could have been for Season 23! Which previous Doctor would we have chosen to appear in the Past segment of Trial of a Time Lord? Did the umbrella theme actually work. And gasp as we ponder what exactly is a 'reverse Samson'?

All this plus a yet another bulging sack of listeners emails, plus we have a s...

42 to Doomsday - Remember When

Sep 25 • 01:09:49
Episode 86 - In the first of a new and (hopefully) semi-regular segment we talk to ex-Grumpcaster and occasional Something Whoer Mike (aka Servo Robot) on his early memories of watching the programme. What was it like to live through Dalekmania? Is Wheel in Space any good? How exciting was it to watch Invasion of the Dinosaurs episode 1 (in full colour)? and why is Mike...

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