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DN FM features the latest stories in design and tech, brought to you by Designer News. The show is a bi-weekly podcast by the community, for the community. Through interviews, news and community segments, it aims to spark a meaningful conversation on design.

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William Channer on the future of information consumption, building products remotely, and raising money for startups.

Dec 24 • 36:36

William Channer is a partner at the Panda Network, and he is also the host of Dorm Room Tycoon. In this episode we discuss the future of information consumption, what role Panda plays in that, his experience building products remotely, and his thoughts on raising money for startups....

Ash Huang on moving from brand design into product design, and what inspired her to become a writer

Dec 12 • 38:32

Ash Huang is a designer and award-winning novelist from Silicon Valley. She has done product design and branding for companies such as Pinterest, Twitter and Dropbox. Her writing has been featured in numerous publications including Fast Company, Offscreen magazine. Today she shares how she moved from brand design into product design, and what inspired her to become a writer....

Clark Valberg on InVision's past, present, and future

Nov 28 • 40:40

Clark Valberg is the founder and CEO of InVision. If you are a designer, you have probably gotten an email from Clark or from InVision at one time or another, but if you’re not familiar with the company, InVision is a prototyping and collaboration platform for designers. Today we’ll talk about the business’s past, present and future....

Linda Liukas on teaching children how to program by sparking their curiosity

Nov 12 • 27:08

Linda Liukas, thinks the key to helping children learn is to spark their curiosity. Linda is the author and illustrator behind Hello Ruby, a series of children’s books about technology. She’s also the co-founder of Rails Girls, a community designed to help women understand technology....

Jessica Hische on lettering through life and the creative side of business

Oct 31 • 42:30

Jessica Hische is on the show this week to share all kinds of stories, taking us back to her propensity for art and how it turned into a career; being broke in college and crafting her own typefaces out of necessity; and working with visionaries like Wes Anderson and freelancing for illustrious clients....

Randy J. Hunt on true user-empathy and lessons learned growing Etsy

Oct 17 • 59:46

Randy J. Hunt joins us this week for a kaleidoscopic design discussion. He lays down all kinds of wisdom about developing true empathy for users, career paths, holistic design and business models. Then we explore Etsy; what it was like helming early design projects, challenges growing the team and how Etsy's mission attracts the calibre of designers it does. Finally, Randy...

Rachel Andrew on frameworks, layouts, and her humble CMS project going big

Oct 3 • 29:45

Rachel Andrew joins us this week to reflect on how the web's influence grew on her in the early days, and how this manifested into full-fledged web development - a magic skill set at the time. Then Rachel dwells on web frameworks and their implications for web standards and layouts. She muses about obligations for the development community to advocate for their interests, ...

Tim Van Damme on the stories behind his prolific design gigs

Sep 19 • 31:43

Tim Van Damme is on the show this week to share the stories behind his prolific design gigs. He takes us back to his freelance roots in Belgium and big move to America where he kicks off a series of high profile design roles. Tim reflects on the design industry as a whole, recognizing the culture of sharing that was so formative in his early years as an up and comer. He a...

Amandah Wood on authentic storytelling and doing the work you love

Sep 6 • 39:57

Amandah Wood joins us to talk about Ways we Work, her publication that deep-dives into how people do work they love. Amandah shares her experiences encouraging candid and open storytelling, and finding exactly what makes people tick....

Scott Belsky on empowering the creative world, and implications of the interface layer

Aug 22 • 32:47

Scott Belsky joins us to highlight his journey from Fortune 500 MBA grad to the creative chaos of the design world. He dives into Behance's mission to empower the creative world - and his personal journey thereof. Scott also explains the implications of the interface layer, and concludes with his shift into venture capital....

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