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Welcome to the self-proclaimed top podcast in the Dirt World (totally made up)! Listen weekly as hosts Aaron and Alex talk Dirt World issues, answer listener questions, and interview some of our favorite people, from executives to operators we've met along our travels.

Popular episodes

BuildWitt Internal Podcast Behind the Scenes with Aaron and Alex -- DT095

Nov 25 • 45:18

There's often been comments and questions about the BuildWitt Internal Podcast, but since it's just for our team, it's always seemed a little strange and unnecessary to share it with the greater audience. But... after recording this one, Aaron and Alex looked at each other and immediately said, "we should put this episode on Dirt Talk, too"....

Getting Your People to Care -- DT094.5

Nov 22 • 40:48

This week on the Monday edition of Dirt Talk, Aaron and Alex chat about bird dogs and swearing, before discussing how dirt contractors can initially get their name out there and how companies can breed a culture where everyone is more invested in the mission, work, and the care of the equipment....

Why Direct Communication Matters with Dan MacArthur -- DT094

Nov 18 • 59:18

Dan MacArthur is the COO of Berg Construction, an excavation/site work contractor based in Morgantown, PA. They have five specialized divisions, and Dan has had his hand in all of them over the years: commercial, waste management, residential/special projects, paving/concrete, and golf courses. Dan was kind enough to hop on a call with the DT guys and talk dirt and a whole...

Help The Thorns in Your Side To Succeed -- DT093.5

Nov 15 • 38:18

On this Monday edition of Dirt Talk, Aaron and Alex talk about professional wrestling before discussing questions about project managers, helping people who are a pain in your a$$ to succeed, and why leadership is a skill to be learned and re-learned. They also felt a huge blast from a job-site next door that was kind of crazy....

Doing Iron Differently with Bryan Peters -- DT093

Nov 11 • 01:01:06

Bryan Peters has spent his entire career around heavy equipment, so when he decided to start his company AdvanceTrac Equipment, he knew that even though he wanted to get into helping companies optimize their heavy iron fleets, he knew he'd want to do things differently. Though he admitted that he has "audacious goals" for where he wants to go, he's also fully present in th...

Leading Folks with More Experience Than You -- DT092.5

Nov 8 • 43:36

On this week's episode of Dirt Talk: Monday Edition, hosts Aaron and Alex talk podcasts, Dozers with rippers vs. without rippers, and the most recent repair update on the BuildWitt Skid Steer. ...

Fearless Learning with Laurie SantaLucia -- DT092

Nov 4 • 51:13

On this week's episode of Dirt Talk, the DT guys keep it in the BuildWitt family: our guest is none other than BuildWitt Creative President Laurie SantaLucia. ...

Figuring Out Ways to Train People -- DT091.5

Nov 1 • 47:15

Aaron and Alex are back with another Monday edition of the Dirt Talk podcast....

Having a Mission with Jordan Hillstrom -- DT091

Oct 28 • 01:22:30

Jordan Hillstrom came onto the Dirt Talk radar through BuildWitt's own Benjamin Holmgren. Benjamin introduced Jordan like this: "He and Aaron would have a great conversation about their Dirt World philosophies." Can't beat that! Jordan is VP of Business Development at Xeratec, a software company based with offices in Michigan and South Carolina. He's also a co-owner of Loa...

Flex Your Brain Muscles and Read a Book -- DT090.5

Oct 25 • 29:29

This week on the Dirt Talk podcast, Aaron and Alex talk about being on a rocket ship. They then discuss how to start getting into reading books and the challenges contractors face (and will face) if a large infrastructure bill gets approved by Congress....

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