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India is booming with opportunity, yet building a consumer brand here is a Herculean task. With a market of a billion plus consumers, one of the world's fastest growing economies it is also the most difficult to navigate. Join Arjun Vaidya (CEO, Dr. Vaidya’s, Forbes 30 U 30) as he takes you throughRead more

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Episode 20: Arman Sood, Co-Founder, Sleepy Owl

Nov 26 • 30:18

“I’ll upskill myself to learn to do it and, that’s the reason that Sleepy Owl is the brand it is today”. In this episode, join Arjun as he talks to Arman Sood, the co-founder of one of everyone’s favourite D2C brand, Sleepy Owl. Hear the story of 2 lawyers teaming up with another friend to solve the problem of the poor coffee they had at their offices. Learn about how thes...

Episode 19: Shankar Prasad, Founder, Pureplay Lifescienes

Oct 20 • 23:21

“I joke with my team that I think more as a woman consumer than a male – that’s my instinct ”. In this episode, join Arjun as he talks to Shankar Prasad, the founder behind the original ‘house of brands’ in personal care - Pureplay Skin Sciences. Hear Shankar’s dream career journey with HUL, Mckinsey and Everstone until he finally gave it up to start up. Learn about the im...

Episode 18: Viraj Bahl, Founder, Veeba

Oct 7 • 37:11

“After one big failure (in QSR)… we sold our house - that was where the capital to start Veeba came from”. In this episode, join Arjun as he talks to Viraj Bahl– the powerhouse behind Veeba and the man who brought ‘sauce back to the fore’. Hear Viraj’s story of working in the oil rigs, starting and failing in a QSR business and then eventually beginning his journey with Ve...

Episode 17: Vivek Gupta, Co-Founder, Licious

Sep 24 • 31:57

“The joke was in the city that two guys are looking for some gold plated chicken”. In this episode, join Arjun as he talks to Vivek Gupta – the force behind revolutionizing meat consumption in India. Hear Vivek’s story of switching gears as he moved from being the finance controller of a fund to creating 170 specifications of chicken! Rethinking the supply chain of an age ...

Episode 16: Varun Alagh, Co-Founder, Mamaearth

Sep 13 • 35:27

“Building a brand is a bonfire and not a set of explosions”. In this episode, join Arjun as he talks to Varun Alagh – the man behind one of India’s most celebrated D2C brands - Mamaearth. Hear Varun’s journey as he moved from the corporate world of Coca Cola and Unilever into the uncertainty of building a brand from scratch. Hear about his adjustment as he moved from numbe...

Episode 15: Hitesh Dhingra, Co-Founder, The Man Company

Sep 3 • 36:28

“…the objective of getting into a start-up should not only be to raise capital but instead to build something meaningful and disruptive”. In this episode, join Arjun as he talks to Hitesh Dhingra – the start-up man of the D2C ecosystem. Hear Hitesh’s journey as he talks about his various stints building Letsbuy, Tyroo, Truly Madly and eventually the Man Company. Hitesh tal...

Episode 14: Bharat Kalia, Co-Founder, Lifelong Online

Aug 11 • 19:49

“The customer service agent went out of the prescribed script and said we’ll fix your gas stove by tonight but till then, I’ve ordered you Domino’s pizza”. In this episode, join Arjun as he talks to Bharat Kalia. Hear Bharat’s story of leaving a consulting job at Bain and starting a brand creating products for the home & kitchen to enrich the daily lives of modern consumer...

Episode 13: Ashutosh Valani, Founder, Beardo, Renee, Villain

Jul 15 • 22:25

“Your face needs a different kind of product from your scalp and this was the logic behind starting Beardo”. In this episode, join Arjun as he talks with Ashutosh Valani. Hear Ashutosh’s story of building Beardo to one of India’s most iconic D2C brands and building the men’s grooming category along the way. Ashutosh talks about scaling a brand with his college mate Priyank...

Episode 12: Deepak Shahdadpuri, Founder, DSGCP

Jul 7 • 34:14

“Challenger means you’re taking someone on so, I have always stuck to and continue to stick to the term insurgent brands”. In this episode, join Arjun as he brings his first investor to the show – Deepak Shahdadpuri. Hear the story of how Deepak got enamoured by the consumer brands ecosystem in India and become one of its earliest backers. Over the last 15+ years, Deepak h...

Episode 11: Shauravi Malik, Co-Founder, Slurrp Farm

May 31 • 44:49

“We took our 1st 6 products to a school in Delhi and they killed my favorite. Kids never lie and so made by 2 mothers is the reality of everything we do”. In this episode, join Arjun as he talks to Shauravi, Co-Founder, Slurrp Farm. Hear Shauravi’s story of moving from the corporate world of investment banking and investing to rolling up her sleeves and starting a food bra...

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