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A lifestyle and foodie podcast that you're going to fall in love with. Join us, Aislynn and Joe, at our dinner table where we discuss life, love, family, food and just about everything else. Nothing is off limits at our dinner table where we connect with one another, our kids, friends and family inRead more

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Thanksgiving Is My Favorite - Thanksgiving 2021

Nov 29 • 40:24

We run through our amazing Thanksgiving week from start to finish including all the food we prepared and a challenge to create your very best Thanksgiving traditions by simply being you. Joe's buttermilk pie was a complete failure, we give a full report on our successful Farm Movie Night, Aislynn still serves the green to help the brown, and we make a delicious Roasted Pob...

3.12: It's Been An Interesting Week - Friendsgiving 2021

Nov 22 • 56:54

It's been an interesting week starting with a trip to San Antonio that didn't go according to any plan, into a HUGE Friendsgiving/housewarming party. A foodie event at our house with the best vibe, fire, music, friends and fun that you can imagine, and concluding with a CBD-infused multi-course dinner party from a great friend/chef.

Did we mention the fast track to get rabb...

3.11: Help Us Name the Chickens - Tomato Basil Soup

Nov 15 • 44:40

An escaping dog, a new robot vacuum cleaner, saying 'No,' and a chicken naming contest is just the beginning this week on a very introspective Dinner Table Talks. Aislynn's business is taking off and she's practicing NOvember while Joe has an emotional awakening at a funeral. We revisit how we want to be dealt with when we go one year after Aislynn said, 'I want you to dig...

3.10: Up a Paddle With No Creek - Lemon Basil Ice Cream

Nov 8 • 46:16

Our move to the farm is complete after a marathon garage sale at the old house. Aislynn's pressure release valve goes off after her latest Long Lunch Club and the food was incredible. Tack on a visit to a new sushi restaurant, our thoughts on life since the 2020 election, gray in Joe's beard  and being just in time for the chicken sex, and you've got some Dinner Table Talk...

3.09: Go Take A Long Lunch - Steak Quesadillas

Nov 1 • 53:32

It was Test Kitchen night for Aislynn's upcoming Long Lunch Club event and 'What a treat!' We talk about social media and the 'bitchery' that consumes most of it these days. Our first trip to a local Chinese restaurant blew our minds with the yellow pages-sized menu (with an 'American Chinese Food' section that made us laugh. Fainting goats, the history of Doritos, food as...

3.08: A Potential Food Supply Chain Shortage - Smoked Pork Ham & Fall Vegetable Ratatoullie

Oct 25 • 47:36

Aislynn says a thing at the very beginning and Joe gets defensive. THEN Joe loops back around to investigate that thing again. And that's just the start of a jam-packed Dinner Table Talk that includes another flood, pho, Aislynn's memories of 4-H Club, an overcooked pork leg, breaks in the food supply chain, a fall vegetable ratatouille and so much more!...

3.07: Get On Or Get Off The Bus, Bud! - Slow-Cooked Oven BBQ Ribs

Oct 18 • 35:40

We're leaning in, y'all! Our lifestyle is the show so forget ever hearing us justify talking about chickens (or anything else) ever again! Of course we're talking chickens...when we're kind of chicken house right now. Where are our eggplants? Why aren't there enough ribs to share? Why is Aislynn cooking more often? These are lifestyle questions and we answer them all along...

3.06: Maybe We Don't Talk About Our Failures Over and Over - Yellow Curry

Oct 11 • 44:22

What a weird episode! Aislynn throws Joe off of his Yellow Curry talk by being honest about the Curry Challenge (or Curry Journey) thus far. Joe details the yellow curry prep, but they have a frank conversation about where this journey should go. Aislynn returns to the Farmers' Market she created to sell her produce and talks about the 'full circle' of it all....

3.05: God, I Hope Home Depot Hears This - Tromboncino Squash Ice Cream

Oct 4 • 53:35

Aislynn called Joe and gave him an earful...about seeds, Home Depot, and low-cost access to healthy, nutritious food. Hear a good old-fashioned Aislynn tirade. Nana made two meals, Joe remade Panang Curry for Aislynn's first Long Lunch Club, we pick up Vegetable Curry in Indian take out, the girls steal ice cream and we talk scary movies....

3.04: Your Perception of Me is Off-Base, Dude - Pork Chops with Leeks in Mustard Sauce

Sep 27 • 37:49

Changes continue in our new life on the farm, but the great meals never stop. Pork Chops with Leeks in Mustard Sauce and Mourning Dove Stew were on the menu this week along with a chicken plan, new daily schedules, a new recording time, and double dongs.

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