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I review the entertainment industry for all the goodness that it is. Every song has a value, every film a point, and every artist an interview. Follow on IG:@diandrareviewsitall Follow on FB: @diandrareviewsitall Follow on TW:@diandrareviews1

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Artist Oracle Episode 3: Going To The Beaches

Jul 28 • 23:57
The Beaches are one of my favorite bands, and in this interview/ oracle session I discover how their friendship and determination to prove FUN is powerful created their new album: Future Lovers

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Artist Oracle: Polimá Westcoast Y Sus Buenas Vibras

Jul 28 • 11:37
Polima Westcoast simboliza que positividad si manifesta poder. Con una sonrisa que brilla y su dulce moda de ser, hace música con la perspectiva que el mundo solo puede mejorarse si TU te mejoras. En fin, si te conviertes en mejor persona, el mundo sera mejor porque te tiene. En nuestra PRIMERA ENTREVISTA de Artist Oracle, yo hablo con “Poli” sobre inspiración, su EP Las C...

Artist Oracle Episode 2: Love And Elena Rose

Jul 27 • 19:13
When it comes to hits, Elena Rose tosses them like Ash does Pikachu. In our Oracle Reading, we discuss the drive needed to stay in the music industry as much as in a relationship. En nuestra entrevista, hablamos fr su espiritualidad y creencia que la musica es su destino. Pero y el amor? Tiramos oraculos para saber.

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Diandra & The Co-Host: Ally Barron Goes To College

Apr 27 • 41:22
For Ally Barron, college helped make her a better person and thus a better
artist. After all, there is nothing like real world experience to help you write a really good love song. On this episode of Diandra & The Co-Host, we laugh through the double standards of dating and the "drunk goggles" that can make us go for the wrong guys, while also confronting body issues and t...

Diandra & The Co-Host: Bad Child Writes Epitaphs

Apr 20 • 31:29
Often, we see music as reflections. Three-minute sound-bytes, on the thoughts that swirl our head, we feel we can either not convey in words or do not have the voice or permission to even say. Yet, for Bad Child, music is not simply about saying what you want to say but having your final say. It is about creating a clear space where all that is unsaid about you, even towa...

Diandra & The Co-Host: Nesha Nycee Is A Pharaoh

Apr 19 • 32:35
In this world/ the music industry, you have to protect yourself like a Pharaoh; understanding that as a powerful being you need to find a trusted court. On this episode of Diandra & The Co-Host, I discuss with rapper Nesha Nycee how 2020/ life experiences framed the importance of protecting yourself and not believing everyone with a smile holds a warm heart.

Diandra & The C...

Diandra & The Co-Host: Candice Hoyes Reaches For Zora's Moon

Apr 18 • 42:57
From New York Pizzas to Beloved Grandmas, on this episode of Diandra & The Co-Host, Candice Hoyes and I discuss the food, fashion, and, of course, the works of Zora Neale Hurston that inspire us to bring light into a world in much need of it. For her, compassion and intelligence are the keys to wisdom, and she uses music to unlock them, but as the world seems to lean more ...

Diandra & The Co-Host: Mercy Porter Remembers Pop Smoke

Apr 18 • 26:02
For this episode of Diandra & The Co-Host, I really enjoyed interviewing Mercy Porter. He is humble, sweet, and determined, which are not always common qualities in this industry. Yet, the death of a friend, Pop Smoke, and the vision of his dreams has made him unstoppable. He refuses to not be the star he knows he is, but stardom is not about money or fame: although that c...

Diandra & The Co Host Aileen Gets Her Ricura Back

Apr 18 • 42:05
It is crazy to live in a world where if you don't fulfill someone's fantasy, they will go out of their way to stop your dreams from becoming reality. In this episode of Diandra & The Co-Host, I discuss with Aileen her newest single, Ricura, and how she, finally, is in a place where she can shine because no one is around her to stop her.

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A Few Q's With Diandra Reviews: Audrey Mika On Self-Chivalry

Apr 5 • 17:40
In A Few Q's With Diandra Reviews, I ask a few questions to your favorite artists about either a specific topic, a new single, or what keep them inspired. These brief, motivational episodes, that also come in podcast form, will make you laugh and feel light. In this episode, I talk to Audrey Mika on her journey being chivalrous with herself, and how that, in turn, has made...

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