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Deyus Life is a show about interesting people and interesting conversations.

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75 - Melissa Dumaz, LMFT on the Art of Therapy and So Much More :)

Apr 6 • 53:02

Welcome to episode 75! We talk with Melissa Dumaz, LMFT about the art of therapy and so much more. Melissa is a wealth of knowledge and this was an amazingly fun + educational episode!...

74- Michael Nicklas on "GNO" and the Power of Mindset

Mar 16 • 59:03

Welcome to episode 74! We speak with Michael Nicklas about the power of mindset and his personal philosophy, which he calls "Good News Only". Mike has a truly unique perspective and we really enjoyed the conversation. ...

73 - Eminem, TikTok, and the WORST Movie Titles of All Time

Mar 10 • 40:30

Welcome to episode 73! We disagree on Eminem's rap prowess in 2021, Patrick gets upset at how late he was to the TikTok game, and we tell you the worst (but kind of best) movie titles of all time. Enjoy! ...

72 - Reply All, Tai Lopez, and Fake Clubhouse Gurus

Mar 2 • 57:20

Welcome to episode 72! We discuss the cancellation of Reply All and Patrick rants about Tai Lopez and countless other fake gurus scamming people in real-time on the clubhouse app. Enjoy!...

71 - Christina Kim on Sugar Dating and Taking Control of Your Life

Feb 26 • 59:21

Welcome to episode 71! We talk with Christina Kim about all things sugar dating and how it helped her take control of her life. Christina is a wealth of knowledge and we feel truly privileged to call her a friend. Enjoy! ...

70 - We're On YouTube! Also...Jiu Jitsu Injuries!

Feb 23 • 16:59

Great news everyone - we're on YouTube now! Search for Deyus and you'll hopefully find us. We'll be posting clips and full episodes on there regularly. Enjoy! ...

69 - STONKS, Entrepreneurship and The Bachelor.

Feb 15 • 50:03

Aaaaaand...we're back! ...

68 - Dr. Brad Reynolds II: Electric Boogaloo

Jan 29 • 01:21:36

Back by popular demand! We talk with Dr. Brad Reynolds about quarantine coping and a variety of other interesting  topics. ...

67 - Yasuke, Political Division, and the Mahjong Women

Jan 25 • 28:27

Welcome to episode 67! We discuss a WIDE variety of topics, including the amazingly misguided mass internet bullying of three women who made a kind of cringe-y mahjong game set....

66 - Steve Gagliano on How the Music Industry Actually Works

Jan 17 • 01:08:43

Welcome to episode 66! We speak with Steve Gagliano about everything you don't know about the music industry. Seriously, Steve is a wealth of information and we learned a TON in this episode....

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