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When cutting edge technology can pave the way for progress in more ways than one, he who holds the power can make choices that affect everyone. Join us every single week as we break down each episode of this phenomenal series. With plot discussion and character breakdowns and analysis, subscribe toRead more

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Make Your Own Path - 'Devs' Episode 8 After Show

Apr 17 • 50:32

In the finale of Devs, everything is revealed and unfolds. Lily finally enters the heart of Devs only to find Forrest sitting in the screening room waiting for her. Forrest explains that he has seen this interaction play out multiple times before and instead of telling Lily what happened, she asks him to show her. The video Forrest shares shows Lily holding Forrest at gunp...

Devs Broke Her World, So She'll Break Theirs - S1 E7 'Devs' Recap & Review

Apr 10 • 45:51

On this week's incredible episode of Devs... we pick up right where we left off. Lily and Jaimie wake up post coitus and Lily explains how she is going to ruin Katie's "plan" by staying put in her apartment. Meanwhile, Katie leaves Forrest's house to her car where she already knows Lyndon is waiting for her. They drive to a reservoir/dam and talk about the future. Katie te...

Is Devs Creating the Future? - S1 E6 'Devs' Recap & Review

Apr 3 • 51:21

In the Episode 6 of Devs Lily and Jamie approach Forest at his house. Surprisingly Katie is staying with Forest and both are awaiting both. After Katie and Forest are separating Lily and Jamie from each other, Katie openly explains to Lily what Devs is all about while Forest is trying to get closer to Jamie winning him over by talking about loved ones they lost. Lily doesn...

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