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The Develomentor podcast is an interview-based show designed to help you find your path in technology. Each interview explores the career path and lessons learned of individuals who have built successful careers in technology across a range of roles, including software engineering, data science,Read more

Popular episodes

Jody Mulkey - C-Level Exec at Shopzilla, GoodRx & Ticketmaster (edited)

Mar 11 • 53:12

Prior to GoodRx, Jody Mulkey (@jodymulkey) was the Chief Product Officer at Aspiration. An accomplished technologist and inspirational engineering leader, Jody is known for building high-performance systems and teams....

Eric Bowman - Video Game Developer of THE SIMS (edited)

Mar 8 • 41:21

Welcome to another episode of Develomentor. Today's guest is Eric Bowman. 

Eric Bowman is SVP Engineering at TomTom, which he rejoined in 2019 to help shape TomTom’s engineering culture for an increasingly online future. Previously, Eric was Zalando’s first VP Engineering, where he drove Radical Agility and led the engineering team into the cloud and oversaw huge growth and...

Daniel Tunkelang - The Founding Story of Endeca (edited)

Mar 4 • 59:39

Daniel Tunkelang is currently an independent consultant or, in his words, a 'high-class consultant' for technology companies. Previous to this, he was a data science and engineering executive who has built and led some of the strongest teams in the software industry....

Caine Tighe - DuckDuckGo and Search Privacy (edited)

Feb 25 • 49:11

Caine Tighe is the CTO and first employee of DuckDuckGo, the Internet privacy company that empowers you to seamlessly take control of your personal information online, without any tradeoffs. This private search engine is #4 in the U.S., Germany, Australia and dozens of other countries, answering over 9 billion queries in 2018....

Chris Bouton - Serial Entrepreneur In Big Data, Deep Learning, and AI

Feb 22 • 29:48

Today's guest is Dr. Chris Bouton. Dr Bouton is the CEO of Vyasa Analytics, applying novel deep learning (ie A.I.) approaches for life sciences and healthcare clients.

"Deep learning algorithms are basically the reason that everyone is talking about AI right now."...

Camille Fournier - Engineering Manager at Startups & Corporations (edited)

Feb 18 • 43:44

Camille joins us on Develomentor to talk about her path in technology. She offers incredible insight to anyone navigating the world of technology with an engineering background, especially those looking to manage and lead. ...

Kelsey Hightower - Tech Support to Dev Advocate to Keynote Speaker (edited)

Feb 15 • 36:49

Kelsey Hightower has worn every hat possible throughout his career in tech, and enjoys leadership roles focused on making things happen and shipping software. He is a developer advocate and a strong open source advocate focused on building simple tools that make people smile. Kelsey is an expert in Kubernetes and has written a book about it called "Kubernetes: Up and Runni...

Nick Caldwell - How to Shift Your Career from Engineering to Product

Feb 12 • 39:21

In today’s episode of Develomentor, we have Nick Caldwell. Nick has held almost every technical role one can imagine: software engineer, engineering manager, general manager and VP of engineering. Nick is currently the Chief Product Officer at Looker, a business intelligence company. But prior to this, he worked at major companies from Microsoft to Reddit to NASA. Today we...

Kyle Campbell – High School Dropout Turned Developer & Founder #129

Feb 4 • 45:03

Welcome to another episode of Develomentor. Today's guest is Kyle Campbell...

Tabitha Sable – Hacker and Systems Security Engineer #128

Feb 1 • 58:25

Welcome to another episode of Develomentor. Today's guest is Tabitha Sable...

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