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DevOps Paradox


What is DevOps? We will attempt to answer this and many more questions.

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DOP 135: Migrate Everything to Kubernetes

Dec 1 • 25:01

#135: Alexey asked us the following question:...

DOP 134: The True Cost of Open Source

Nov 24 • 24:42

#134: In this episode, we attempt to answer the following question from Karan: "How do you make a case to your organization to embrace open source, especially if it has historically favored big vendor-supported tools?"...

DOP 133: APIs Are Everything

Nov 17 • 40:06

#133: Joyce Lin, the head of developer relations at Postman, joins us to discuss why software produced today should be done in a "API First" manner. We talk about what it means for a product to be "API First" and how that process differs from the what typically happens in the real world. Joyce shares her thoughts on emerging trends in the world of APIs and how Postman's ow...

DOP 132: How to Manage a Remote Team

Nov 10 • 39:11

#132: Since around March 2020, we've been working, or trying to work, remotely. That doesn't mean that it has been done efficiently or effectively....

DOP 131: The Cloud Skills Shortage Is Worse Than You Think

Nov 3 • 41:00

#131: HashiCorp recently did their first-ever State of Cloud Strategy survey. In this episode, Rosemary Wang, developer advocate from HashiCorp, rejoins us to discuss the survey....

DOP 130: Signs of High Work in Progress

Oct 27 • 28:46

#130: In this episode, we discuss a tweet made by John Cutler about the signs of high work in progress. How many of these do you encounter on a weekly, daily, or hourly basis?...

DOP 129: How to Develop Microservices

Oct 20 • 27:34

#129: In this listener question episode, we discuss the different ways to develop microservices: fully local, fully remote and hybrid. What do you think the best way is to develop microservices?...

DOP 128: Securing Your Environments With a Universal Secrets Manager

Oct 13 • 31:47

#128: You know that securing environments with a secrets manager is something that needs constant upkeep. Sometimes secrets management can be difficult and complex to handle. Thankfully, there are universal secrets managers which make the process of managing secrets simple for everyone, not just the DevOps and security teams....

DOP 127: Software Development vs Software Delivery

Oct 6 • 23:19

#127: Even though it is 2021, many application development organizations still follow the decades-old process of throwing software over the wall to an operations team to deploy. This practice causes operational difficulties like organizational silos, poor collaboration, and poor user experience....

DOP 126: What Is Bare Metal in Cloud Computing?

Sep 29 • 36:02

#126: If you're like most people, you're probably wondering what "bare metal" means. Turns out, it's a term that's been thrown around for decades. And if you're wondering how it can be applied to something like cloud computing, you might be surprised to find out that it is different than you might think....

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