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News is a bi-weekly podcast dedicated to the tools, techniques, and technologies used in modern web development. We cover JavaScript frameworks like React, Vue.js, and Svelte, tooling like webpack, Docker, Nginx, Next, Nuxt, etc. and CMS systems like Craft CMS.

Popular episodes

A Return to Sanity

Nov 15 • 54:22

In this episode, we return and talk to Knut Melvær about how Sanity is re-thinking how a content authoring system should work.

Sanity is at its heart both a place and a methodology to use for storing the structured data that powers websites, mobile applications, services, and more.

We discuss in-depth what it’s like to set Sanity up to give it a whirl if you’ve nev...

Standup - "The Rantings of a Mad Prepper"

Nov 1 • 49:40

Ryan Irelan & Andrew record another devMode standup where we discuss Ryan’s prepper tendencies, and he goes on a rant about a SaaS he’s had issues with (he’d like to see the manager).

We go on to talk about Conventional Commits, and how they can make your git commits better, and discuss drug smuggling. Andrew sees a shiny object, and goes off on a side-quest making a Vite.j...

What even is JavaScript?

Oct 18 • 45:06

On this episode hosted by Jennifer Blumberg with guest Chris Ferdinandi, we continue the “What is even…?” series by delving into exactly what even is JavaScript?

We talk about JavaScript’s convoluted origins, and how a language written in 10 days has become the most popular language on the planet.

Chris leads us through discussing the perils of the proliferation of JavaScrip...

Standup - "Fair Market Value of a 10 Year Old Child"

Oct 4 • 54:34

Ryan Irelan & Andrew record another devMode standup streamed live on YouTube where we talk about some really cool new streaming shows such as “Mythic Quest” and “Foundation”.

Then we also discuss the challenges of raising precocious kids with technology… even if you are very tech-savvy yourself!

We also discuss the iOS “focus mode”, ExpressionEngine Pro’s new frontend editin...

How Strapi makes you happy!

Sep 20 • 52:30

Host Jennifer Blumberg leads the discussion of Strapi, a Node-based CMS & API provider that allows you to create content-rich experiences. We are joined by guest Daniel Madalitso Phiri from Strapi’s developer relations team.

We delve into using Strapi as a headless CMS, leveraging the awesome developer experience offered by the combination of TypeScript, GraphQL, and React....

Standup - "What If Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth?"

Sep 6 • 58:00

Ryan Irelan & Andrew record another devMode standup streamed live on YouTube; we launch into a philosophical “What if?” scenario where PHP is the language that runs in the browser as well as the server.

We talk about the “great divide” and how JavaScript’s superpower of running in the browser is driving a decent chunk of the adoption of one language to rule them all.

We also...

Standup - "Speed Walking for Devs"

Aug 23 • 52:48

Ryan Irelan & Andrew record another devMode standup streamed live on YouTube; we talk about the Olympics, and how they are inspirational as well as providing allegories for development and your career.

We discuss Ryan’s plans to qualify for the 2024 Olympics as a speed walker, and then do an in-depth discussion on how Ryan is modernizing the website.

We discuss...

Standup - "Professional… Healing"

Aug 9 • 48:36

Ryan Irelan & Andrew record another devMode standup streamed live on YouTube; we have a long chat about working for yourself vs. working at a corporate job and transitioning between the two.

We discuss Ryan’s recent 2‑year stint into the corporate world, and subsequent return to the ranks of the self-employed, and get into his experiences and reasons.

Ryan also lets Andrew k...

Vite.js modern frontend tooling

Jul 26 • 49:28

On this episode, we talk with Ben Hong from Netlify about the Vite.js modern frontend tooling from Evan You, the creator of Vue.js!

We talk about Grunt, Gulp, webpack, and how the evolution of the modern web platform has allowed frontend tooling like Vite.js to be lighting fast and light on config.

We discuss how the performance and usability of Vite.js adds to the Developer...

Standup - "Spunky Brewster"

Jul 12 • 53:37

Ryan Irelan & Andrew record another devMode standup streamed live on YouTube; we chat about Apple AirTags for tracking people & pets, WWDC 2021, and our take (and disappointment) at some of the announcements.

Then on to Apple HomePods vs. Sonos setups, 68K → PowerPC transition, PowerPC → Intel transition, and a bunch of other nonsense like YouTube copyright strikes.

Andrew t...

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