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Design Systems Podcast interviews industry leaders and product makers to share best practices and explore the areas where design and development come together.

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40. Zach Hendershot and Aaron Stone from Crux Digital: How agencies solve difficult technical problems for Fortune 1000 clients

Nov 29 • 47:49

Zach, Aaron, and Chris discuss the commonalities between design systems and products, as well as how a product-driven mindset can help your design systems achieve new levels of enterprise adoption and scale....

39. Stephen Gates from WW: Culture, design methodology, and design system ROI

Nov 15 • 01:01:58

Sit tight—this is a long one! Stephen Gates and Chris discuss the real value of design systems, what designers and football players have in common, and how to apply design methodology to day-to-day work....

38. Gina Calcaterra Bhawalkar from Forrester: Lorem ipsum won’t help your design system

Nov 2 • 39:30

Gina and Chris discuss the importance of real-deal content in your designs, defining “good design” for your company, and how to set effective, meaningful KPIs for design work....

37. Josh Cusick from Microsoft: Imagining design system utopia

Oct 29 • 23:43

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Microsoft’s Josh Cusick and Chris discuss how to convey intent when working with a design system, the importance of buy-in for a successful design system culture, and whether or not your design system will ever be finished....

36. Deep Dive: Design System ROI with Robin Cannon from IBM iX and Danny Phillips from Procore

Sep 21 • 01:12:30

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In this deep-dive episode, Danny, Robin, and Chris discuss the differences and similarities of design systems at different stages of maturity, including ROI measurement; who should manage your design system, and how to create a balance of power betw...

35. Leonardo De La Rocha from Intuit: Using one design system to manage dozens of products

Jul 2 • 25:18

Leonardo De La Rocha and Chris discuss the “federated” design system model, how to connect design systems to business needs, designing friction-free cross-platform experiences, and C-suite awareness of design needs....

34. Audrey Tan from Xero: Creating a long-lasting design system vision

Jun 21 • 31:35

Audrey and Chris discuss the vision guiding Xero’s design system team, how co-ownership helps design system teams thrive, the processes she uses for managing a global team, and how the Xero design system team approaches modernization....

33. Jess Clark from LinkedIn: Old tech, new tech

Jun 7 • 44:13

Jess Clark and Chris discuss the meaning of design systems and the potential of design systems as a service. What can design systems offer us beyond infrastructure? How can approaching design systems as products, rather than repositories, increase their capabilities?...

32. Deep dive on tokens with Adam Argyle from Google: How do you codify composition?

May 17 • 02:01:25

This episode is a little bit longer—okay, a lot longer—than our usual. Chrome developer advocate Adam Argyle and Chris Strahl talk about tokens in all their glory without worrying about time limits. If you’ve ever wondered about the limits of tokens and what’s left to explore in the token stratosphere, check out this podcast....

31. Maya Hampton from REI: Pattern-based thinking on all levels

May 3 • 44:27

Maya Hampton and Chris discuss why design systems need to be flexible, the role of a product manager in a design system, and viewing design systems as products....

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