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Design Matters with Debbie Millman is one of the world’s very first podcasts. Broadcasting independently for over 15 years, the show is about how incredibly creative people design the arc of their lives.
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Best Episodes

Seth Godin

Nov 30, 2020

"Great has nothing to do with popular "



Design Matters From the Archive: Malcolm Gladwell

Nov 9, 2020

"When you’re texting somebody and they say “ok” Especially while texting "




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Tiffany Shlain

Dec 9, 2019

" The secondhand smoke of attention"



On this episode Debbie talks to Tiffany Shlain about how cell phones have taken over our lives.

Design Matters from the Archive: Maria Konnikova

Aug 22, 2016

" An unlikely place to find above average drivers?"




Debbie talks to psychology writer Maria Konnikova about her career and her fascination with con artists. She explains why so many people fall prey to confidence games.
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