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My name is Scott Ste Marie, Mental Health Speaker and Coach. In other words, I'm simply a friend to those who deal with depression and/or anxiety. I am so humbled and grateful you are joining me on this journey to share hope and mental health with the world. My website:Read more

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Goodbye for Now

Apr 26 • 06:49

I'm not sure when or if I'll come back, but that answer will come in time. Listening to my body is something I'm learning more intently now and it's telling me to let go of the online world and outreach. I'd like to focus on my speaking, helping people 1-1 and being present with both family and friends while I continue to discover my new path of wellness. I wish you all th...

I'm In Pain. This Really Sucks

Apr 19 • 09:33

Exercise has always been my outlet when feeling low. In my entire life I have never gone this long without physical exercise. I'll be taking a break from podcasts for a little while, as headaches have become too much. But as stated in the episode, simply now grows stronger for those who live in physical pain. My options will never run out unless I quit. ...

How to Deal with the Fear of Change and Anxiety - Meditative Scott

Apr 14 • 17:48

DMX - The Antidote to Depression

Apr 12 • 07:13

Meditation for Anxiety - You Have Time

Apr 8 • 11:29

How I Got Off Antidepressants After 12 Years

Mar 29 • 12:49

A New Vision For Mental Health - Walk With Us

Mar 22 • 55:12

We invite you to walk with us, on a new path, to reclaim your mental health and gain freedom from mental illness. If you're looking for a new way of achieving mental health, away from the traditional medical model, this is the place for you.

The New Hope Podcast is a collaboration between Scott Ste Marie and Matt Janes, two mental health clinicians who have spent the last d...

Stop Writing To-Do Lists - Do THIS INSTEAD!

Mar 15 • 06:55

Fame is Disgusting - #FreeBritney

Mar 11 • 08:31

How to Describe Depression to Someone - My Personal Experience

Mar 8 • 12:01

I'd like to tell you what depression feels like in my own personal experience. If you need to tell someone how you're feeling, this is definitely a definition of depression they haven't heard before. Obviously, feelings are so hard to describe, which is exactly why art, music and poetry exist. If you resonate with this definition, my heart and soul goes out to you. You are...

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