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Denmark 101 with Alex Berger


Tips, tricks, and cultural observations about the Danes and life in Denmark. From Copenhagen on the island of Sjaelland to Aarhus, Alborg and the far reaches of Jutland. I aspire to explore Denmark and to report back on Denmark's wonderful people, rich traditions and subtle quirks.

Popular episodes

Shoe Etiquette and Danish Homes

Dec 24 • 05:16

When you visit a Danish household, apartments in particular, there tends to be one hard and fast rule....the podcast title probably gives it away, but give this episode a watch and weigh in with your own stories and experiences....

Danes and Doggy Bags

Dec 12 • 04:37

The meal was amazing. The portions were bottomless. You're ready to go home but feel guilty about wasting food. You're also feeling a bit lazy - why cook tomorrow morning? So, you ask for a doggy bag. What's a doggy bag? It's a to-go bag for your leftovers and while it may eventually find its way to a canine friend, the food you save and take home is usually reserved for h...

Scandinavia and Fur Fashion

Nov 17 • 06:18

Yikes! It's a hard topic. What's up with all the Danes wearing fur and working it into Danish fashion? Why is it still so popular in Nordic and Scandinavian fashion when most other regions have abandoned it? I encourage everyone tow atch the full video for commenting, particularly as I know it's an emotional and sensitive topic for most. Right or wrong is up to you, but, a...

Famous but Controversial Licorice Pipes

Nov 6 • 04:53

They may be delicious and a simple candy, but that does not mean they're not noteworthy and are without controversy. Tune into this episode of Denmark 101 for a look at one of Denmark's most iconic candied treats!...

Julefrokost: Danish Christmas Lunch Parties

Sep 2 • 06:37

Starting in late November, the Christmas Lunch / Danish Julefrokost season starts and it is a wild and crazy time. With charming dinners, fancy clothing, wonderful food (and not so wonderful food) as well as inappropriate flirtations and more than one or two frisky encounters - it's quite the cultural experience. Here's a quick down and dirty look at what it is and some ca...

Danish Snaps vs Akvavit: What's the Difference?

Aug 4 • 05:55

WTH is Snaps? Is it the same as Akvavit? Do you spell it snapps, schnaps, akvavit, or aquavit? In this episode of Denmark 101 I take a shot at explaining how Danish snaps is made and its cultural significance in preparation for next week's julefrokost video....

The Danish Export Economy

Jul 22 • 10:53

At the heart of understanding Denmark, Danish history, and Danish culture is the Danish economy. To do that, I've put together this video summarizing and discussing a number of statistics that serve as a great insight into where Denmark's job market is centered, where the country's economy is going, potential pitfalls in the future, and exciting opportunities....

Boobs and Danish Beaches

Jul 15 • 11:08

For my 50th Denmark 101 episode it's time to circle back around to the topic of Danes and Nudity, this time, let's focus in on beaches, breasts, and general nudity. Is it legal? Is it true that Europeans run around beaches naked? Are the men naked? Do people still go topless? Tune in and find out in this episode of Denmark 101 - and just a reminder for those watching, idio...

Copenhagen's Neighborhoods

Jul 10 • 11:12

Do you know the difference between København V, Vesterbro, Nørrebro, Østerbro, Christianshavn, Christiania, Amager and Frederiksberg? Each is widely different with very distinct with their own unique personalities. I do my best in this episode of Denmark 101 to give you a quick crash course run-through. Hint: If you're not familiar with Copenhagen, you may want to also pul...

Danish Bodegas

Jun 23 • 06:17

There are few things more Danish than the Bodega. Far from a local corner shop which might share the same name in other countries, a Bodega is the name for the traditional Danish corner bar. They're small, they're gritty, they're a bit rough, and they're overflowing with charm....

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