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The show for those who want to build a successful freelance business. We are NOT about the hustle. We are NOT about the feast-or-famine cycle. We are about building a business. Deliberately.

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#121: Identify the Right Clients with Value-Based Decision-Making, with Ashlee Sang

Dec 2 • 35:06

On today’s episode, Ashlee Sang talks about how you can work with purpose-driven solopreneurs and service providers. She also explains how you can base everything you do in your freelance businesses around a set of core values—and how that will help you make decisions, find the right clients and grow your business....

#120: 7 Things I’m Thankful for in My Business

Nov 26 • 40:07

On today’s episode, I’m leaning in to the theme of the Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S. and sharing seven things I am thankful for in my business. Beyond just telling you about these things, I’m sharing why I’m thankful and asking questions to you that I hope will prompt you to think about how to improve your business life....

#119: Why and How to Pare Down Your Network

Nov 18 • 29:53

On today’s show, I want to talk about simplicity and how to pare down your network. I talk a lot about building business relationships, which is a different way of considering how to build your network. Former podcast guest Anna Hetzel talked about this also, how to build community intentionally....

#118: Crash Landing and Being Forced to Restart Your Business, with Danna Lorch

Nov 11 • 42:29

Today’s guest is Danna Lorch from Brookline, Massachusetts. Danna has been a freelance writer for 11 years, mostly focusing on journalism. She has covered the visual arts, design, architecture, the trades and parenting. She has written for The New York Times, The Washington Post, Architectural Digest and many other publications....

#117: My Time Tracking, Money and Client Audit for Q3

Nov 5 • 26:01

It’s time for my third quarter roundup. Each quarter I review and analyze my time tracking, hours worked, money earned and client mix....

REPLAY: #86: What I Wish for Your Freelance Business in 2021

Oct 21 • 38:54

I’m replaying this January 2021 episode to hopefully motivate you, inspire you and encourage you to do some of these things if you haven’t already yet this year. The year is starting to wind down, incredibly enough, so let’s embrace these concepts and set up our businesses for success now....

#116: How to Create Case Studies to Land New Clients, with Emma Siemasko

Oct 14 • 34:20

Today’s guest is Emma Siemasko, the founder of Stories By Us, a content marketing business. Emma, who lives in San Jose, California, also offers freelance writing coach and is co-host of the Freelance Writing Coach podcast. ...

#115: Time Tracking Lessons from Deliberate Freelancer Listeners

Oct 7 • 21:16

Today’s show is all about the benefits of time tracking. But it’s not about my experience today. Instead, five Deliberate Freelancer listeners sent in audio files about their time-tracking experiences and explained the various ways time tracking has helped their freelance business....

#114: Building a Successful Business with ADHD, with Courtney Chaal

Sep 30 • 43:09

Today’s guest is Courtney Chaal. Courtney is an American now living in Vancouver in Canada....

#113: How to Build Relationships, Not a Network, with Anna Hetzel

Sep 23 • 39:15

Today’s guest is Anna Hetzel, from Columbus, Ohio. Anna is the owner and founder of Strange Birds, a business they started five years ago in which they convert copywriting and strategy for websites and community design and strategy....

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