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Defeat Postpartum Depression is a resource for women who are struggling with postpartum depression and/or postpartum anxiety.

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71: Where Have I Been & What's Next? - Moving From Fear To Faith

Jul 10 • 42:22

I've been gone for a while. Let's catch up. In this episode, I will share the changes that have happened over the course of the last few months and the BIG change coming for Arielle Wozniak LLC and Defeat PPD. ...

70: Coming To Terms With Anxiety As A Christian Mom - Interview With Jessa Hillman From Lifestyle Of An Anxious Mom

Mar 27 • 42:38

Today's episode is an interview with Jessa Hillman, a Christian mom who has struggled with anxiety and panic attacks. She shares her testimony to encourage other moms. You can be Christian and experience anxiety. Anxiety does not make you any less Christian, it makes you human. ...

69: I Want To Have Another Child, But I'm Afraid Of Experiencing Postpartum Depression Again! How Do I Know If I'm Ready? - A Message For A M om Who Wants To Bring Another Baby Into Her Family

Mar 21 • 46:38

Having another child after experiencing postpartum depression can be scary, but it doesn't have to be. In today's episode, Arielle shares practical tips to help you prepare for another child and determine if you're ready. ...

68: How Postpartum Depression Affects Your Child - Q&A

Mar 13 • 28:33
Over the course of the past almost 2 years, I've gotten a lot of questions about postpartum depression. In today's episode, I'll be answering some of those questions and sharing my experience. 

Can postpartum depression come and go?
Can postpartum depression start at 6 months?
Can postpartum depression last for years?
What does postpartum depression feel like?
How does po...

67: Scary Postpartum Thoughts - Your Brain Is Lying To You

Mar 6 • 27:23

Episode summary introduction: In today's episode, Arielle covers a number of myths surrounding postpartum anxiety and scary/intrusive thoughts. You learned the different types of intrusive thoughts as well as how to manage them. You don't have to live with intrusive thoughts. ...

65: Surviving The 4th Trimester - Advice From A Postpartum Doula

Feb 6 • 35:59

During today's episode, Arielle speaks with Angel Swon, Postpartum Doula. Angel shares her journey of struggling after the birth of her daughter to becoming a Postpartum Doula. This episode is packed with advice for moms and their support system after birth! ...

63: Breastfeeding While Struggling With PPD? Formula Might Safer For Your Baby

Jan 23 • 26:49

We've all heard the saying "breast is best." But is it really? In today's episode, Arielle shares her experience with breastfeeding while struggling with postpartum depression. Listen in to hear why formula ended up being the best decision for her and her baby....

62: How Common Is Depression During Pregnancy?

Jan 16 • 26:49

In this episode of Defeat Postpartum Depression, Arielle shares her story of struggling with prenatal depression. You'll also learn 3 tips to overcome depression during pregnancy. ...

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