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Two founders share an unedited look at what it's like to bootstrap a startup through weekly updates. Chris Spags is the founder of Jetboost, a suite of no-code plugins for Webflow. Corey Haines is the founder of Swipe Files, a membership site for marketers built with no-code tools. They chronicleRead more

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56 | Competing against free

Nov 16 • 59:31

Corey records the first module for Marketing Like A Media Company and gets airdropped free crypto. Chris contemplates expanding the customer support team. They also talk about the new Calm Fund scout program, Black Friday / Cyber Monday preparation, and free competitors....

55 | Someone should create a SaaS marketing course

Nov 9 • 01:00:21

Corey feels the pressure to create new course content and pitch premium sponsorships before the holidays. Chris launches a new search feature and Webflow template along with it. They also talk about YNAB's pricing update snafu, emailing Seth Godin, and a tweet by Jon Yongfook about SaaS marketing....

54 | Goodbye MRR notifications

Nov 2 • 01:04:04

Corey hosts the first Swipe Files Office Hours session. Chris turns off MRR notifications as he works to make Jetboost more of a calm company. They also talk about "skeuomorphism", digital information paradigms, and the merits of keeping a changelog....

53 | The price of entrepreneurship

Oct 26 • 38:21

Corey notices low new member signups for Swipe Files and thinks about how to introduce ways to give people a taste of the membership. Chris deals with some of the not-so-fun realities of running a business. They also talk about platform risk and playing the part of an independent recruiter....

52 | The grind

Oct 19 • 01:06:13

Corey shares how the membership pricing has resulted in the best month to date. Chris realizes Jetboost has been lacking direction and puts together a roadmap with the team. They also talk about the grind to default alive, strategies when making pricing changes, and dopamine's effect on our ability to work....

51 | Charge more

Oct 6 • 41:54

Corey finally follows the "charge more" advice and rolls out a pricing update for Swipe Files. Chris celebrates the latest Jetboost demo reaching the front page of the Webflow Showcase. They also discuss hiring lawyers and other professional services, giving raises to employees, and how scary DNS is....

50 | Chris the community leader

Sep 29 • 52:42

Corey works on a new membership landing page and plans on rolling out pricing updates. Chris officially releases Jetboost's Dynamic Sorting Booster and a new free Webflow template along with it. They also talk about Webflow's No-Code Conf and managing email list unsubscribes with Smart Subscriber....

49 | Default Alive: One year later

Sep 21 • 39:31

Corey gets ready to ship the Tiny Marketing Ideas newsletter and record his talk for Ad World. Chris rants about chargebacks and other frustrations with operating a SaaS business. They also reminisce about recording the podcast for a year and how things have changed since the first episode....

48 | Shipping September

Sep 14 • 45:56

Corey is heads-down creating newsletter content and begins niching down to SaaS marketing. Chris and the Jetboost team kick off September on a shipping spree. They also talk about energy ebbs and flows and Intuit acquiring Mailchimp for $12B....

47 | Corey Bombs

Aug 24 • 50:28

Corey explores niching down to focus on SaaS marketing and increasing pricing for Swipe Files. Chris shares how Jetboost is growing up. They also talk about MicroAcquires financing partnerships to make acquisitions more accessible....

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