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Deep Sleep Sounds


Sleep, relax, and unwind with relaxing sleep sounds and music. Featuring nature soundscapes, binaural sleep music, and calming white noise. Get 8 hour episodes and support the podcast with premium.

Popular episodes

Breathing Coherence: Guided Breath for Sleep

Dec 6 • 02:08:26

Breath with the rhythmic chiming sound in this calming music to ease yourself into sleep....

Rain at the Ocean: Waves and Rain Sounds

Nov 29 • 02:01:07

You are relaxed and dry, while heavy waves roll upon the shore and water downpours from the sky....

Rain in a Bamboo Forest: Sleep Sounds

Nov 22 • 02:00:35

Rain falls and patters on the leaves, as the wind rustles bamboo stalks....

Relax by the Fireplace: Sleep Soundscape

Nov 15 • 02:09:54

Snuggle up under a blanket as the fire crackles nearby and an old grandfather clock ticks through the night....

Evening Bird Chorus: Relaxing Soundscape

Nov 8 • 02:01:10

Drift into relaxation with this blend of soft piano and birds chirping peacefully in distant trees....

17Hz Binaural Beta Wave Soundscape for Focus

Nov 1 • 02:01:18

A blend of ocean waves and 17Hz frequency binaural beats designed to help you concentrate on work or studying....

Wolves Howling in the Night: Sleep Soundscape

Oct 25 • 02:03:11

Autumn Breeze: Wind and Rustling Leaves Sound

Oct 18 • 02:02:55

Rainy Walk through the Woods: Relaxing Soundscape

Oct 11 • 02:01:15

Rain patters on your umbrella and trickles through the forest, as you walk down a quiet woodland path....

4Hz Delta Wave Binaural Soundscape for Sleep

Oct 4 • 02:02:03

Delta wave frequency binaural beats with a relaxing rain ambiance to induce your mind into sleep....

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