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Welcome to the DealMakers show, hosted by Alejandro Cremades. Alejandro is a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, and cofounder at Panthera Advisors (M&A and fundraising advisory). On this podcast you will find weekly interviews with entrepreneurs that have been very successful at raisingRead more

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Petri Alava On Raising $56 Million To Revolutionize The Fashion Industry With Recycling Technology

Nov 21 • 30:40

Petri Alava went from corporate CEO to founding his first startup at 50 years old. They’ve already raised for Infinited Fiber Company tens of millions of dollars in funding while securing global partners like H&M, Patagonia, and Wrangler. His venture, Infinited Fiber has acquired investment from top-tier investors like Nidoco, H&M CO:LAB, Adidas, and Bestseller....

Yan Zhao On Raising $400 Million To Bring Bitcoin To Main Street

Nov 14 • 36:07

Yan Zhao expected she’d have a career in medicine like both of her parents. But along the way, she discovered her real passion was for business and entrepreneurship. Her latest venture NYDIG has raised $400 Million from top-tier financiers like First Foundation, Starr Companies, Liberty Mutual Insurance, and Soros Fund Management....

Omair Tariq On Raising $140 Million In Just 12 Months Of Operations To Take On Amazon And Shopify

Nov 11 • 35:28

The world is your oyster, and it is up to you to take chances in life and make things happen. Life is short as Omair Tariq has been reminded by the near-death experiences that have prompted him to go big rather than remain stagnant. His venture, has raised funding from top-tier investors like Sebastian Rymarz, Moonshots Capital, Oaks HC/FT, and Clearco....

Yuval Brisker On Selling His Last Business For $500 Million And Enabling Any Brand To Deliver Financial Products

Nov 9 • 42:11

Yuval Brisker is a true serial entrepreneur who has launched and taken several companies full cycle. Including one for which he went from bootstrapping to raising $105M in funding before it was acquired by Oracle for $500M. His venture, Alviere has acquired funding from top-tier investors like Viola FinTech, Opera Tech Ventures, CommerzVentures, and Viola Ventures....

Craig Knight On Using A SPAC To Build A $1.5 Billion Business In Just One Year

Oct 31 • 34:49

Craig Knight has been leading the charge in fuelling the future with sustainable energy. It turns out that the world has been embracing his startup’s solutions in a big way. Resulting in creating a rocketship of a venture that went from launch to publicly-traded company in just a year. The company, Hyzon Motors has raised funding from top-tier investors like Wellington Man...

Michael Werner And Vincent Payen On Raising $100 Million To Repair Your Home Remotely

Oct 26 • 38:12

Cofounders Michael Werner and Vincent Payen have taken home services into the future, with some much-needed upgrades to the industry for both consumers and contractors. They have raised more than $100M for their venture, HomeX. Top-tier investors including New Mountain Capital have funded the company....

Gina Bianchini On Selling Her Last Business For $150 Million And Now Raising $50 Million To Bring Communities Together

Oct 24 • 31:50

With creativity and tech, Gina Bianchi from California has created multimillion-dollar companies. She continues to pave the way for startups entering the market. As she continues to pave the way in the tech industry, everything Gina touches seems to turn to gold. She is bringing communities from various cultures together to learn from each other, and to provide an online p...

Socrates Rosenfeld On Growing His Sales From $100 Million to $1.6 Billion In Just One Year

Oct 19 • 37:07

Turning your passion into a billion-dollar company is exactly what Socrates Rosenfeld did. After spending seven years in the military as a helicopter pilot, Socrates suffered from a post-traumatic stress disorder and turned to cannabis for healing therapy. He always knew that the plant had healing factors. He then used his eCommerce skills to make purchasing cannabis onlin...

Alex Israel On Raising $60 Million To Reimagine Modern Day Parking

Oct 17 • 32:48

Born and raised in the city of Los Angeles, Alex has always wanted to solve the problems of the city. He has a bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics and a Master’s degree in Fine Arts, filming, and Production. His most epic contribution to the city and world is being a serial entrepreneur who has raised firms with one almost merging for $300 million dollars. Alex’s v...

Pierre Dubuc On Raising $150 Million From Mark Zuckerberg And Others To Reinvent Education Online

Oct 12 • 35:20

Pierre Dubuc is a French businessman born in Normandy, France. He has had a passion for educating the masses since middle school. His first project was simply to build a free online course for all subjects in France free for all to access. The team continued to keep the project alive from 1999 to 2013 when they got the drive to commercialize it into an educational company....

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