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DSOTM # 180 - 11/5/79

Nov 2 • 03:39:47

This months podcast comes to us from the beloved Fall 1979 Tour of the east coast.  Brent was, clearly, fully integrated into the bands sound and the sky seemed to be the limit... and the destination!  Halftime brings us some great 1979 stories from Bob, who got around quite a bit that year... as well as some Hot Tuna.  Enjoy!!...

DSOTM # 179 - 1/26/93

Oct 1 • 03:35:31

This months show takes us to a fine night in Oakland that 'Your Old Friend Dave' happened to be present for...  Chinese New Year's 1993.  We get some Garcia/Grisman for halftime and a good time will hopefully be had by all!...

DSOTM # 178 - 9/4/83

Sep 1 • 03:19:58

Off we go back into an era that has become more and more of an obsession for me, as of late.   Eighty-Throar!  A fun day in the sun in Utah, of all places.   For halftime we get into some fun Talking Heads from the same era.   Sure hope you guys and gals are enjoying the ride!...

DSOTM # 177 - 2/9/73

Aug 2 • 04:02:24

This months podcast takes us to an amazing performance by the Grateful Dead... perhaps even more so than many others.  The first show of 1973 did not disappoint with its interesting new sound the the debuts of some all time favorite songs  For halftime we have the Allman Brothers from NYE 73... great stuff.  Dig in and Dig it!...

DSOTM # 176 - 6/9/90

Jul 1 • 03:27:49

This months show ties in with a show we did last year...  this is the following night, and it is another great show with an equally great audio capture.  Pink Floyd joins us musically for halftime, and "Bob" and myself wax poetic as always.  Have fun kids!...

DSOTM # 175 - 5/17/77

Jun 1 • 04:06:40

A great show in the heart of the Old South... this one goes out to Toby from Alabama's Family.  We hope you enjoy this!  It wont be hard, Spring 1977 was an amazing time for the band.   Our half-time show has some Little Feat from the same era.  Cousin Darren calls in to further elaborate on our vetting process to ensure only the finest shows get to you guys!  See y'all soon!...

DSOTM Live! -- "Your First Time..."

May 15 • 59:10

This week we did our first attempt at a live stream... and here are the results.   Its always fun hearing from listeners about their experiences and can't wait to do it on a semi-irregular basis in the future!...

DSOTM # 174 - 4/15/70

May 1 • 02:19:17

This months podcast takes us allll the way back in the time machine to 1970.   We don't end up in 1970 very often... and after hearing this show it sounds like we need to get here more often.   Good stuff indeed.   Since it is a one set show, myself and "Bob" dig back into the mail bag.   Hope ya'll are doing well!...

DSOTM # 173 - 5/16/81

Apr 1 • 03:28:21

This months show takes us back to Cornell, for the bands impressive outing in 1981.  I think they played a great show, and "Bob" agrees.   For our half-time show a new friend stops by to chat:  Michael Dolgushkin, co-author of DeadBase.  He's got a few tales to tell here, and something tells me we all shall meet again.  Enjoy the ride!...

DSOTM # 172 - 7/31/74

Mar 1 • 05:07:37

Our 10th Anniversary!...

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