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Join us as we discuss everything Human Design! If you are just joining us we recommend to start with your Type episode or starting from Episode 1! We dive deep into Authorities, Strategies, Profiles and the New Paradigm as well as host live readings for special guests and get into the intricaciesRead more

Popular episodes

Conscious Technology Use

Jun 15 • 55:05

Join us for this episode around bringing awareness to our use of technology. Are you using technology in alignment with your design and support your life? Or are you using it in a way that disempowers or distracts you from your purpose? Dive in with us to go on your own journey of discovery around the rise of technology in this Aquarian Age. ...

Navigating Eclipse Season with the Four Agreements and Human Design

Jun 10 • 48:41

We are in the middle of an eclipse season and Mercury retrograde. The cosmic energy of this time is asking us to pause and reflect on our mental space and reflect on the stories and conditioning that have been creeping in lately. Join us to hear the most helpful tools that we have found to navigate this time and return back to our truth. ...

Old Paradigm vs New Paradigm Human Design

May 25 • 01:13:59

We all know that there are strange phrases and funky language associated with Human Design. Join us for this episode where we reframe parts of Human Design that have been misinterpreted or framed in a limiting light. Start to see your Design in the most empowering and supportive way that is in alignment with our collective evolution. ...

A Human Design Conversation with Erin Claire Jones

May 4 • 01:05:27

Join us in this flowing Projector conversation all about Human Design and its impact on our human experience. Erin Claire Jones is a leadership coach specializing in Human Design and has joined us to share her unique perspective and expertise on this system. ...

How to Become a Boundary Boss with Terri Cole

Apr 27 • 01:12:15

You guys won’t want to miss this conversation with special guest Terri Cole, licensed psychotherapist, global leading relationship expert, and author of the new book Boundary Boss - The Essential Guide to Talk True, Be Seen, and (Finally) Live Free.  ...

Psychic Scoop - Human Design Magnetism

Apr 20 • 01:02:35

In this week's very special episode, we chat with Spirit Sis (aka Steffi Hill) on her podcast Psychic Scoop to talk about all things Human Design. ...

Soul Contracts

Apr 1 • 01:11:18

Join us for this juicy solo episode where we share our personal spiritual experiences with Soul Contracts and what they mean to us. ...

Intuitive Business with Michelle Pellizzon from Holisticism

Mar 23 • 01:14:24

Join us on the super fun and inspiring episode where we talk to Michelle Pellizzon from Holisticism about all things intuition, business, akashic records, money and more!  ...

Empathy vs Sympathy

Mar 16 • 01:24:16

In this episode we dive into the ways in which we are designed to experience other people's energy and learn from each other through sympathy and empathy. ...

Awakening Your Intuition with Spirit Sis

Mar 9 • 59:13

Join us in this episode with special guest Spirit Sis (aka Steffi Hill) to learn tips and tricks about understanding and awakening your unique intuition.  ...

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