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Three veteran fans re-reading A Song of Ice and Fire and podcasting our adventure along the way. Each episode covers five chapters. Spoiler-free, relaxed, and irreverent!

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Episode 118: Sphinxes, Dragons, and Darker Things featuring Lo

Nov 29 • 03:08:37

In Episode 118, Lo the Lynx joins the Fingers of Davos to follow Pate through the twisty and misty streets of Oldtown to meet his fate during the AFFC prologue.  But first we learn about Oldtown, Pate's infatuation with Rosey, and about his “friends” as well, including one Sphinx:  Alleras. Pate has been up to no good to obtain a single Golden Dragon so that he can make Ro...

Episode 117: Father with Bloodrider Kyle

Nov 8 • 03:03:15

In episode 117 we spend a majority of the time within Jaime's head as he stands vigil for his father's funeral.  That is right, Tywin is dead and almost 200 pages later, we are still burying him.  And he is stanky.  But bloodrider Kyle is less than stanky, and he brings the analysis on this chapter like non other.  From the brotherly relationship while Jaime is freeing Tyr...

Episode 116: Let Us Do Our Duty with Megan

Oct 4 • 02:48:22

In episode 116, Matt and Scad chat with Bloodrider Megan as we return to Sansa, whom we haven’t covered since the first episode of Meet the Khalasar.  And it gets deep here, folks as we are covering Sansa III from ASOS, a chapter in which Sansa’s hopes and dreams are dashed to the ground (again), she is forced to marry a Lannister and suffers trauma at every turn.  Megan d...

Episode 115: A Clap of Thunder featuring Bloodrider Kat

Sep 13 • 02:39:37

Bloodrider Kat joins Scad and Matt to discuss Daenerys IX of ADWD.  Queens, Kings, dying palanquin bearers, pit fighting, spicy locusts, ornery pit fighting commentators, and... DROGON.  Yes, the big black dragon makes a return in this episode after disappearing, and we are here for it.  What does it mean for Dany, what does it mean for Meereen?  This is a crucial chapter ...

Episode 114: Goldenhand the Just featuring Linsea

Aug 23 • 02:37:06

Matt and Scad are fresh off of their summer break and ready to invade your ears once again with more Meet the Khalasar episodes.  For episode 114, we are joined by bloodrider Linsea to discuss Jaime III of A Feast for Crows.  In this episode we get to travel with Jaime through the Crownlands and Riverlands.  But we have a place of high honor for the journey:  right between...

Episode 113: The Lost Lord featuring Lizzy

May 24 • 02:39:09

Welcome to Episode 113 of the Davos’ Fingers podcast where Bloodrider Lizzy has us tackling The Lost Lord in ADWD.  Is Jon Connington being rash?  Is Aegon a quality leader in the making?  Can the Golden Company be trusted to honor their agreement?  The answer to these questions and more are properly ignored inside.  However we do have a lot of fun!  Also, and most importa...

Episode 112: Arming the Faith with Aaron

May 3 • 02:26:11

Continuing on with the Meet the Khalasar series, Matt and Scad chat with Aaron for Episode 112, in which we talk some Cersei, some Fire and Blood history, and some Margaery speculation.  It is Cersei VI of A Feast for Crows in which Cersei does some snooping to catch Margaery in a bad way and spars with the new High Septon to get Tommen blessed by the Faith.  We also get t...

Episode 111: Death and Disquiet featuring Marcus

Apr 12 • 03:10:37

Marcus joins the Fingers for this episode covering one of his favorite chapters:  A Ghost in Winterfell.  Together, we dive into the mysteries presented in this chapter where bodies start turning up without explanation and conflicts arise without need for explanation. Mystery is afoot, but so is psychological trauma.  So buckle in for a headier chapter of ASOIAF.  Also, we...

Episode 110: Squishers and Mummers featuring Virginie

Mar 22 • 03:28:16

The Fingers of Davos are joined by Virginie in the island nation of Tonga.  We discuss the ever-persistent Brienne as she risks her life, struggles with trust issues, and learns that she won't blink in the heat of battle.  We also get the charming spinner of yarns Nimble Dick Crabb in this chapter as he guides Brienne and Pod through the melancholy pines of Cracklaw Point....

Episode 109: Someone Always Tells with Bobbie

Mar 1 • 02:53:17

Someone Always Tells, and I am here to tell you that this episode featuring Bloodrider Bobbie is a delight.  We delve deeply on The Princess in the Tower chapter of A Feast for Crows.  Just how impatient is Arianne?  Just how patient is Doran?  And what is the actual underlying conflict in this chapter that is far more important than the insurrection attempted by Arianne i...

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