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Dating Kinda Sucks


An honest, raw, and hilarious podcast about dating, sex, and relationships, hosted by millennial serial dater Sarah G and grizzled comedian Adam Avitable. Whether you're single, committed, or it's complicated, you'll enjoy what you hear!

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Building Self Confidence

Nov 26 • 01:25:59
Success in dating, relationships, and during intimacy requires multiple factors, but one of the most important elements is self confidence. Learning how to love yourself, see your value, and be confident in your actions and words will pay off in both the short term and long run. Sarah and Adam take this episode to talk about ways to build confidence and boost your self est...

Situationship Shenanigans

Nov 12 • 01:04:44
Situationships are that weird spot between being friends with benefits and a genuine relationship, and this week your hosts are going to tell you how to turn that situation into something healthy. Sarah and Adam will give you some good tips on communicating your needs and relationship goals clearly and without confusion. Also this week, Sarah rants about foot stuff, Adam g...

The Etiquette of Unmatching

Oct 29 • 01:16:20
Learning how to use dating apps as the tools they are designed to be can be tricky, and one of the trickier aspects is the unmatch option. In this episode, your hosts talk about when to unmatch, when to stay matched, and why you shouldn't feel guilt or anxiety about it at all. Also in this episode, Adam's Memphis Cup O Shame and Sarah runs into someone from her past.


Making the Leap: Moving In Together

Oct 15 • 01:20:07
With Sarah moving in with Master of None in the last week, we decided it was a great time to talk about living with your significant other. What should you consider before you move in, what can you expect from living with someone new, and what problems are you going to face? Also in this episode, Sarah's grandparents get it on, and Adam talks about his suicide shack.


Male Privilege: Myth or Reality?

Sep 24 • 01:25:31
What is male privilege? Does it exist at all, or is it a fantasy crafted by women who just want men to show some f**kin' empathy? You can probably guess what direction this episode will take, but you may be surprised! Also in this episode: Sarah plans the next stage of her life, Adam meets up with some exes, and TikTok continues to be a juggernaut of content.

Dating Kinda S...

Embracing Sexual Mindfulness

Sep 10 • 01:10:19
Post-pandemic sex has been different, but in what ways? Adam and Sarah talk about sexual mindfulness and how many people are getting pickier when it comes to their sexual partners, focusing more on deep connections and sensual explorations than unfulfilling quickies with men who don't care about your pleasure. Also in this episode: Adam's dating in Memphis, Sarah's moving ...

Small Talk in Little Rock Bonus Episode

Sep 3 • 28:02
It's a bonus episode! Adam and Sarah meet up on a Friday night in Little Rock and chat about escorts, shoes, and other miscellany. Basically, Adam just roasts Sarah, but she holds her own against the drunk gorilla. This is an episode you'll want to listen to and then go watch again on YouTube! No topics, no takeaways, just a fun chat between two friends.

Dating Kinda Sucks ...

Respecting and Setting Boundaries

Aug 26 • 01:27:33
Healthy boundaries are the cornerstone to a healthy life, and Adam and Sarah spend this episode talking about how to set boundaries and just as importantly, how to respect the boundaries others have set. Also this week, Adam's writing a book, Sarah's signing a lease with her boyfriend, and some poor girl in Rapid City, South Dakota, has been forever mortified. 

Dating Kinda...

Just Say No To Dating Coaches

Aug 6 • 01:18:30
This week, Sarah and Adam tackle the tacky topic of dating coaches and relationship gurus. Don't spend another penny or follow another poorly researched coaching tip until you listen to this episode. Also, Sarah has fun in a bus, Adam closes down a bar with a DKS listener, and more!

Dating Kinda Sucks is a raw, honest, and hilarious podcast that focuses on all aspects of da...

The Many Types Of Rejection

Jul 23 • 01:17:47
Rejection can take many forms, and it's never easy to deal with. In this episode, Adam and Sarah talk about the best ways to approach being rejected, healthy tools for dealing with it, and why it's never appropriate to get defensive or act like a child when you get rejected. Also in this episode, Adam hates Clarksville, Sarah plans for a trip with her boyfriend's family, a...

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