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What is a data mesh and why it is relevant (Ep. 178)

Nov 30 • 16:05

This episode is brought to you by Amethix Technologies...

Environmentally friendly AI (Ep. 177)

Nov 23 • 19:28

This episode is brought to you by Advanced RISC Machines (ARM). ARM is a family of reduced instruction set computing architectures for computer processors

Do you fear of AI? Why? (Ep. 176)

Nov 16 • 20:18

Composable models and artificial general intelligence (Ep. 175)

Nov 9 • 16:37

If you think deep learning is a method to get to AGI, think again. Humans, as well as all mammals think in a... composable way....

Ethics and explainability in AI with Erika Agostinelli from IBM (ep. 174)

Nov 2 • 31:13

AI, ethics, and explainability.
Are these topics that only large corporations can spend resources on?
Can product-focused startups even think about them?...

Is neural hash by Apple violating our privacy? (Ep. 173)

Oct 26 • 15:21

Fighting Climate Change as a Technologist (Ep. 172)

Oct 19 • 19:43

The content of this episode has been created by Sylvain Kerkour 
Feel free to subscribe to his newsletter at

AI in the Enterprise with IBM Global AI Strategist Mara Pometti (Ep. 171)

Oct 11 • 35:02

IBM Global AI Strategist Mara Pometti is IBM’s first AI Strategist. She defines and designs the strategy for AI solutions by revealing overlooked insights hidden in enterprises’ data.
In this episode we speak about strategy, explainable AI and data storytelling....

Speaking about data with Mikkel Settnes from (Ep. 170)

Sep 24 • 34:28

Send compute to data with POSH data-aware shell (Ep. 169)

Sep 14 • 22:08

Quantum Metric...

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