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The Great Leader and his I.B.S (Important Broadcast Squad) assemble every Sunday morning from 11am - 1pm! Whether you're filling out your listener pad with this weeks dinners in "Dinner Winner", or catching up on the celebrity chef news in "The Knowbiz"; you'll need to pair with your listeningRead more

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The Important Broadcast Module 201: Clickety Nits

Nov 28 • 01:14:45

The Important Broadcast Module 200: There's Been A Government Takeover

Nov 21 • 01:28:03
That's 200 then! You must have learned an incredible amount by now, so well done. This week is a truly feature length module with everything from Steve's dating tips, to ancient dances, to pickle ball and all the way to the world of business hotels and back. Take it all in. This is your 200th module. That is all.

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The Important Broadcast Module 199: As I Am Her Older Brother

Nov 14 • 01:12:48
It was an occasion like no other this week, but that's mainly because it wasn't forgotten about this time! The Great Leader's birthday was marked the way that it should have been last year.... And the year before that.... And, indeed, the year before that. There were messages galore, some essential education, many lovely emails and one in particular that caused some brief ...

The Important Broadcast Module 198: Little Pink Whisps

Nov 7 • 56:20
Your Great Leader maintained a dignified and fruitful broadcast this week and taught you everything you need to know, for now, at least. Before it ends, this episode touches upon clowns, candy floss, literature, a hangover and beef. Get it together and enjoy.

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This weeks podcast is for Michael (and Stu).

Thank you.

The Important Broadcast Module 197: War Cars & Cat Wars

Oct 31 • 01:01:54
The I.B.S heartily apologises for the lack of contact last week. The Great Leader was taken ill. This will not happen again. All returned to normal this week, though, and much was learned. What's a war car? What's a cat war? What do the Spanish eat? As usual, you'll find out.

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This weeks podcast is for Natalie.

Thank yo...

The Important Broadcast Module 196: The Official Wizard of New Zealand

Oct 17 • 59:57
Have a guess at how many state-appointed wizards there are in the world... Now, remember your answer and see if you got it right in this weeks module!! Also find out what's disappointed The Great Leader in his vegetable-slaughterhouse and where Steve is going to work (on holiday) this week.

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This weeks podcast is for S...

The Important Broadcast Module 195: I've Swiped Right on Mr Bean

Oct 10 • 59:03

The Important Broadcast Module 194: Salisbury Bunting

Oct 3 • 01:01:43
The IBS returned to full strength with the return of Steve Ferdinando, who for reasons which were unclear, was not running the London Marathon. Predictably, he brought stories of misfortune and woe and they were enjoyed by all, not least, by The Great Leader.

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This weeks podcast is for Claire (and the wee boy, Arthur).

The Important Broadcast Module 193: Little Pants

Sep 26 • 01:06:25
Look, if you want to wear little pants, good luck to you: That's your own business. This week, with Steve absent, The Great Leader pulled all the weight and he did so with style and strength. We revisit a mower misdemeanour and the fabled "Peacock Parade" bursts forth in full colour.

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This weeks podcast is for Amelie.

The Important Broadcast Module 192: Ghoul Bog

Sep 19 • 01:22:16
It looks like Module 192 is a bit of a long one and rightly so, because there is just so much to discuss. Where did The Great Leader's fact-finding mission lead him this week? Find out! Plus, a football match between Dundee & Dundee and a fiery argument about sandwiches.

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This weeks podcast is for Sarah.

Thank you.

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