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Danny In The Valley

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After more than a decade in London, Danny Fortson returns to Silicon Valley to meet the techies trying to change the world - and make loads of money while doing it.

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Nov 26 • 01:18

Cruise’s Oliver Cameron: “The Everest of self-driving tech”

Nov 19 • 45:26

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Oliver Cameron, founder of Voyage and VP of product at Cruise, to talk about the arrival of self-driving cars (3:40), dropping out of uni to develop apps (14:40), getting a spot at Y Combinator (17:20), the difference between America and Britain (18:20), becoming an executive at Udacity (20:25), his disastrous fi...

Think Better's Heath Jansen: "Riding the millennial super cycle"

Nov 12 • 38:43

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Heath Jansen, founder of Think Better Group, to talk about his start running an aluminium smelter (3:30), coming to London (7:00), his ‘Jerry Maguire’ moment (8:25), creating a coffee company (12:40), why he quit the City(19:40), how his former colleagues reacted (21:25), building the Unilever for millennials (25...

A taste test of lab-grown chicken with Upside Foods' Uma Valeti

Nov 5 • 32:53

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent brings on Uma Valeti, founder of Upside Foods, to talk about creating “cultivated meat” doing a taste test (4:00), the process (6:00), why he is working on this (10:20), his “aha” moments (12:15), signing a release to eat chicken (19:55), cutting out fetal bovine serum (23:10), the scaling challenge (26:00), and the importance of transp...

Bessemer’s David Cowan: “The more off-the-wall the better”

Oct 29 • 46:11

The SundayTimes’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on David Cowan to talk about Bessemer Venture Partners' anti-portfolio (4:00), missing Google (6:05), why tech is accelerating (7:25), why he bet on space (10:00), why colonizing space is “inevitable” (12:45), the rise of micro satellites (15:30), backing Rocket Lab (21:30), the privatisation of weather (25:00), back...

Twilio’s Jeff Lawson: “Build or die”

Oct 22 • 59:54

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent brings on Jeff Lawson, founder of Twilio, to talk about what the company does (3:15), starting out in 2008 (9:15), running an extreme sports retailer (11:40), tapping into the magic of software (16:00), why the Internet is just getting started (19:45), the Darwinian fight for survival (24:00), how Covid accelerated the digital shift (28...

Open Philanthropy's Holden Karnofsky: "Artificial intelligence and the most important century"

Oct 15 • 49:01

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Holden Karnofsky, founder of GiveWell, to talk about philanthropy (3:30), teaming up with Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskowitz and hits-based giving (6:40), the most important century (12:50), how artificial intelligence could be about to change everything (15:55), deep learning (21:00), becoming a spacefaring ci...

Planet's Will Marshall: "Taking care of spaceship earth

Oct 8 • 51:39

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent brings on Will Marshall, founder of Planet, to talk about going public (4:20), sneaking smartphones onto a rocket (5:40), starting Planet (9:30), photographing earth every day (14:40), what its data is used for (16:00), selling to the military (20:10), leveraging computer vision and machine learning (22:45), building a telescope at age ...

Sila's Gene Berdichevsky: "The world's going 100% electric"

Oct 1 • 51:09

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent brings on Gene Berdichevsky, founder of Sila, to talk about the sudden global decision to electrify transport (4:30), his history at Tesla (7:50), creating a new battery technology (12:00), black magic dust (16:00), launching Sila a decade ago (23:30), the shift within the financial community (28:50), the million-mile battery (32:50), e...

Colossal's George Church: "Elephants in Alaska"

Sep 24 • 34:37

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on George Church, co-founder of Colossal, to talk about genetically bringing back the wooly mammoth (3:40), what has made this possible (7:00), co-founding 38 companies (9:40), science fiction made real (11:20), reversing aging (14:50), the typical pushback to the mammoth idea (19:40), the climate change angle (22:1...

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