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Donna Auguste on Resilience, Breaking Barriers and Ignoring the Naysayers

Jun 29 • 59:17

Have you ever seen a picture of someone you've never met and wanted to know their story?...

Ed Smith, Video Game Pioneer

Jun 22 • 55:39

Today’s guest is the incredible Ed Smith - one of only two known African American engineers who worked on the design of video games in the 1970s and the first African American to work in the design of a personal computer, and the only hybrid video game/personal computer ever released. ...

Megan Smith, Founder of Shift7, Ex-US CTO to President Obama

Jun 15 • 01:02:05

Today’s guest is the incredible Megan Smith - award-winning entrepreneur, engineer, and tech evangelist. It would take me an hour to talk through Megan’s illustrious career but some of what we discuss in this episode includes working on multimedia products at Apple Japan, working on early smartphones at General Magic, 11 years at Google where she held a VP position, leadin...

Avery Wang: Principal Research Scientist, Apple and Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Shazam

Jun 8 • 47:42

My guest today is Avery Wang – co-founder and Chief Scientist at music recognition app Shazam and now Principal Research Scientist at Apple....

David Byttow on The Rise and Fall of Secret

Jun 1 • 59:13

Today’s guest is David Byttow – a self-described engineer by trade and, very much an artist at heart. David is most famous for his role as co-founder of mobile app Secret which allowed people to share messages anonymously....

Nolan Bushnell: Serial Tech Entrepreneur and Gaming Pioneer

May 25 • 42:54

Today’s guest is the legendary Nolan Bushnell – serial entrepreneur, co-founder of Atari and a pioneer of the video games industry....

Rana el Kaliouby, Emotion AI Pioneer

May 18 • 49:16

Today’s guest is Rana el Kaliouby a pioneer in Emotion AI and, before I go any further, I wanted to say that this is one of the most honest, and authentic interviews I have ever conducted with a startup founder....

Dan Bricklin

May 14 • 01:08:49

Welcome back to Series 2 of the Danielle Newnham Podcast. I am your host – Danielle Newnham and each week, I interview tech founders and innovators to learn the inspiring, human, stories behind the game-changing tech we use every day....

Series 2 Trailer

May 12 • 01:48

And we're back! Great to have you here for more interviews with the tech founders and innovators behind the game-changing tech we use every day....

Al Alcorn

Apr 5 • 57:37

In this episode, I speak to Al Alcorn – electrical engineer, Apple Fellow and the man who created Pong – one of the earliest arcade video games and one of the first video games to be commercially successful. Pong very much put Atari at the forefront of what became the gaming industry in the early 70s....

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