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Dads on Dads on Dads is a biweekly podcast that follows hosts Colin, Mike, and Paul, three first-time Dads based in New York City, through their adventures in Dadding. Each episode, you'll get to follow along with our Dads as they wend their way through everything fatherhood has to offer, fromRead more

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Mental Health – Key Factors and How to Stay Balanced

Oct 3 • 53:54
In Episode 18, the Dads talk Mental Health. Ah, Fathers: those stoic, unshakeable rocks that you see on TV. The men whose mere mild perturbation could set children to trembling three rooms away. The ones who would talk to you when they got home. The ones who, on TV, at least, were, as a rule, taciturn and withdrawn, until, of course, the big episode where the guy who p...

Tradition: Peer Pressure from Dead People

Sep 11 • 43:24
In Episode 17, the Dads talk Traditions. They come in many forms, affecting things in Dads’ lives such as how we all got married, to how we manage our relationships and home lives, to how we raise our kids. So how do we grapple with them? Special Thanks to Reddit, apparently, for our episode title.

After the Dads talk what’s new in Dadding the Dads talk about the role ...

Time Management - Where Does the Time Go; Time Hacks

Jul 31 • 38:27
In Episode 16, the Dads talk Time Management. We all know how kids take plans, and the concept of time, and turn it upside down, turning time management into a persistent issue for many parents. But is there a way to get your arms around this?

First, the Dads talk what’s new, and then Colin, Mike, and Paul talk about the one surprising thing that takes way longer now th...

Stay at Home Dadding; Why we did it; A Day in the Life; The Highs and Lows

Jul 12 • 58:04
In Episode 15, the Dads talk Stay at Home Dadding. In a world of babysitters, daycare, nannies, and night nurses, stay at home Dads are the stalwart Spartans defending the family’s breach against allowing, and paying, someone else to provide primary care to your children.

First, the Dads introduce yet another new Dad on the block, father of twins and straight-up hoss Co...

Sleep; Keeping Ahead of the Game; Putting the Kids to Bed

Jun 20 • 58:49
In episode 14, the Dads talk sleep. Ah, sleep. Nothing more necessary to a life well-lived than regular periods of long, gentle slumber. Sufficient sleep leaves us refreshed, recharged, and more alert. Lack of sleep, well, that can drive us crazy.

First, the Dads introduce the new Dad on the block, Justin! Then, the Dads talk what’s new in Dadding and get to the ques...

Habits; The One We Broke; the One We Want to Start

Jun 7 • 53:34
In Episode 13, the Dads talk habits. They’re those things you do…because you do them. Maybe you brush your teeth three times a day. Maybe you get up early every morning to work out. Maybe you can’t resist a Facebook argument. Not all habits are healthy, but yet, we all have them, for good and ill.

First, the Dads talk what’s new in Dadding, and then, the Dads talk the...

Gaming; What to Start With; How Much is Too Much?

May 22 • 42:03
In Episode 12, the Dads talk gaming. First the Dads try to nail down how much they think they’ll police in terms of quantity, then, the Dads get into which games ought to be first. Console or PC? Can VR be in the mix? If so, when? Next, the Dads wax nostalgic about the first video games they finished, and finally, the Dads discuss where board games fit into their gami...

Masculinity; The “Man” Diet; Lessons Learned in the Home

May 9 • 01:00:43
In Episode 11, the Dads talk Masculinity! First, the Dads discuss their viewing of Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s 2015 documentary “The Mask You Live In”, and then the Dads engage in a wide-ranging discussion encompassing the ways in which boys are socialized to deal (or not) with their emotions, the “man” diet and how it impacts male eating habits, and how the Dads think they’...

Where to Send 'em to College; Student Debt; Pre-School

Apr 24 • 58:09
In Episode 10, the Dads talk Education! After going through what’s new in Dadding, including Paul’s first flight with the little guy and Colin’s ongoing battle with Jefferson Starship, the guys wrestle with college: what’s their philosophy going to be, all that way down the line. Then the Dads, like 40 million other Americans, grapple with student debt, and finally, the ...

The Dads of Thrones

Apr 10 • 52:54
In Episode 9, the Dads talk the Thrones! Mike, Colin, and Paul travel to Westeros to chat about which Game of Thrones Dad they most aspire to be, which character they either miss the most or would like to see more of, which death they found to be the most shocking in the series, and their final predictions for who sits the Iron Throne.

See more at http://www.outrunthebearm...

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