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"Using customer shadowing to improve and innovate customer service design." with Andrew Gallan

Dec 31 • 38:20

Steve Jobs once said, "Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works."...

"How to bridge the gap between business and CX strategy?" with Adrian Swinscoe

Dec 19 • 39:06

There is no denying that the end goal of any business is growth. And the one definitive way of achieving more growth is focusing on customer experience....

"How to design customer-centric organisations for sustainable growth?" with Heidi Beets

Dec 17 • 42:33

Very often, we hear that the one mantra organisations must follow for success is to ensure that customer centricity is the DNA of an organisation. And this is an obvious idea....

"How to develop and deliver a brand promise from the customer perspective?" with Neil Sharp

Dec 10 • 41:26

While we have, very often, seen brands make tall promises to court customers, we have also seen them fail on delivering those promises often. Why does this happen? Why is the customer's perception of a brand significantly different from the company's?...

"Creating a healthcare brand with customer centricity and CX at the heart" with Rohit MA

Dec 3 • 01:02:02

Today's customers are demanding....

"How to create 'simple' and 'simplified' experiences?" with Ricardo Saltz Gulko

Nov 26 • 31:39

People often conflate 'simple' with 'plain', and 'plain' has, well, a plain connotation. Nothing special about it. But, simple, as Da Vinci reminds us: "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."...

"How to help government organisations deliver good CX?" with Stephanie Thum

Nov 19 • 29:00

The thought of visiting a government office, for most of us, is often followed by an exasperated sigh. Generally, that reaction is rooted in the poor experience that government offices are infamous for....

"How to win customers using a live chat?" with Nelson Bruton

Nov 19 • 27:43

At a time when the world is going bonkers over chatbots, what would you think if I said that live chat with an actual person at the other end is more effective?...

"How to balance between product, go-to-market, customer experience, and business discipline in a startup?" with Rohit Sen

Nov 5 • 30:00

Founders need to strike a balance between product, go-to-market, customer experience, and business discipline to ensure sustainable growth for their startup....

"How to setup a customer experience management team in an organisation?" with Thomas Linton

Oct 29 • 42:59

A nod from leadership on CX strategy might not translate into an allocation of resources for executing that strategy. Setting up a Customer Experience team is a challenging and arduous process. A process, if done right, yields tremendous value....

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