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A podcast of politics and culture, from the editors of Current Affairs magazine.

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#79: The Flannel Coalition

Jul 28 • 01:05:26
Current Affairs is joined this week by Jacobin staff writer Luke Savage! Together, the panel asks if there are countries that exist outside the US and if they are bad, investigate the trope "the left are so crazy that they drove me to the right", and give some TV recommendations.

The flock this week was made up of Luke Savage, senior editor Brianna Rennix, business manager ...

#78: A Utopia of Rum

Jul 13 • 01:21:30
The Current Affairs flock investigate how the right created a moral panic around "critical race theory", dare to make all tax records public, and dream of utopia.

The flock this week is made up of senior editor Brianna Rennix, finance editor Sparky Abraham, editor-in-chief Nathan J. Robinson. Your host is Lyta Gold.

"How a Conservative Activist Invented the Conflict over Cri...

#77: Literalism in Art and Other Troubling Trends

Jun 29 • 01:19:21
Studio H3 of the Current Affairs World Headquarters is closed for renovations this week, so instead of the usual panel format, we have something different for you. Aisling, Allegra and Lyta discuss Aisling's article "Satanic Panic and the Death of Mythos" and use it as a jumping-off point for a freewheeling conversation about the current cultural landscape, including overl...

Tiffany Cabán for New York City Council (Election is June 22nd!)

Jun 21 • 40:48
This episode was originally on our bonus feed, but as Tiffany's election is tomorrow we're putting it out today for everyone!

Pete speaks to Tiffany Cabán, public defender and organizer with the Working Families Party, whose campaign for Queens County District Attorney drew national attention last year, and who is now running for New York City Council in District 22.


#76: We Bite, We Vote

Jun 15 • 01:16:21
The panel give their NFT takes, propose a universal database of all human knowledge, and share some hard-earned life lessons.

The nest this week was inhabited by finance editor Sparky Abraham, poet-at-large Cate Root, editor-in-chief Nathan Robinson, and amusements and managing editor Lyta Gold.

"The Truth Is Paywalled But The Lies Are Free": https://www.currenta…t-the-lies-...

Is MMT Real? Season 2 Available Now!

Jun 8 • 00:38
You've been asking for it, you've been waiting for it. Now, episodes 6 through 12 of Is MMT Real? are available to our Patreon subscribers. They will eventually be made free to the public, but for those who can't wait, you can pay just $5 to subscribe to our bonus feed and gain access to all the episodes now, as well as all our other bonus episodes. Go to


Jun 7 • 01:07:19
This episode was originally released on our Patreon feed last year, but we've decided to release it to everyone.

Aisling McCrea and Oren Nimni discuss that time the American police firebombed Philadelphia. Along the way they discuss the stigma against communal living, death row, black liberation, the military-to-police pipeline, and the way the left deals with the more pro...

Voicemailbag XV

Jun 1 • 45:23
Once again, we dig into your voicemails. (We hear you, and we see you.) Topics include personality tests, cryptids, political arguments with relatives, and rebooting the left after the pandemic.

The bird's nest this week was made up of five eggs: amusements and managing editor Lyta Gold, finance editor Sparky Abraham, senior editor Brianna Rennix, editor-in-chief Nathan J. ...

#74: The Owl Council of Local Heterogeneity

May 18 • 56:16
The Current Affairs flock discuss the right to live wherever you want, the dubious value of patriotism, and the things we love to do even though we're terrible at them. (Please note this episode was recorded before the recent escalation of violence against Palestinians, hence why it doesn't come up despite being relevant to some parts of this episode.)

The flock this week a...

Pete Is Back...And He Has A Book!

May 12 • 56:10

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