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For those challenging the status quo in love, sex, and relationships. Effy Blue and Jacquline Misla explore themes on these subjects through personal stories, interviews, and community discussions (and laugh a lot).

Popular episodes

93: Tea & Jam, The Holiday Cluster F**k and Black Friday (Revisited)

Nov 26 • 47:40

When society and cultures pack so much meaning to certain times of the year, what does it look like for those who have multiple relationships? When a simple premise of "spending the holidays with loved ones" seems not so simple, how do avoid putting your relationship(s) on trial?

In this throwback episode, Effy and Jackie talk about ways to navigate holidays when you are ma...

92: Trauma, Sense of Safety and the Soma with Rida Kıraşı (Interview)

Nov 19 • 01:13:11

How does our sense of safety affect the way we show up in relationships? What happens in our nervous system when we feel safe vs unsafe? What can we do to promote a sense of safety?...

91: Passivity is not the same as Peace

Nov 12 • 01:07:06

Is it ok to be in a relationship when you are chronically dissatisfied if there are no arguments? Why do people end up staying in relationships that are not making them happy? What do we need to make us pull the plug on lifeless relationships? ...

90: Psychedelics, Therapy and Healing Sexual Trauma with Dee Dee Goldpaugh (Interview)

Nov 5 • 01:04:16

Can psychedelics be more than a party drug? How are they used in therapy and why are they so effective? What does it take to get into a psychedelic treatment program?

Effy and Jackie are joined by Community Support and Integration Director of the Hudson Valley Psychedelic Society,  psychotherapist, and clinical supervisor Dee Dee Goldpaugh to discuss her work with psychede...

89: Halloween Special: Haunted House of Relationships Fears

Oct 29 • 36:55

In this Halloween Special episode, Effy and Jacqueline create a house of horrors made up of their relationship fears. ...

88: Creative Take on Talking About Sex with Jennifer Beman (Interview)

Oct 22 • 01:06:25

Why is talking about sex so hard? How can we use creativity to approach these conversations so we don’t have to navigate through shame, defensiveness, insecurity, and general awkwardness? Can talking about sex creatively result in more interesting sex life?...

87: Daddy, BDSM, and Gender Fckry with Lucy Sweetkill (Interview)

Oct 15 • 01:08:23

From the shadows to the red carpet, how did the term Daddy, often used in BDSM, become so popular? What does the Daddy role in power exchange embody? Why is it a hot turn-on for some and abhorrent for others?

Effy and Jackie are joined by Professional and Lifestyle Dominatrix, BDSM Educator, Kinky Life Coach, and Purveyor of Mindful Domination Mistress Lucy Sweetkill. In t...

86: How to Find a Sex Worker with Miss Shayla (Interview)

Oct 8 • 01:04:50

Can sex work be a viable alternative for those who want to open up an existing relationship because they are looking for a specific sexual experience? How do you safely and ethically connect with a sex worker who’s not trafficked or coerced?  What is the best way to determine if someone is the right person to work with?

Effy and Jacqueline are joined by pro-domme, kink edu...

85: Culture, Identity and Polyamory with Michelle Hy (Interview)

Oct 1 • 55:33

What is intersectional polyamory and how to find meaningful representation in the community? What is the impact of prescribed cultural identity on our relationships? How can we find and connect with online communities for support? ...

84: Relationship Agreements with Eri Kardos (Interview)

Sep 24 • 01:00:21

What are the differences between rules and agreements and why does it matter?
How do you go about figuring out what agreements will support us to thrive in relationships?
Can there be room for delight and playfulness as you co-create agreements for your relationship(s)?

On this week’s show Effy and Jackie were joined by Eri Kardos, the author of Relationship Agreements: A S...

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