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Aryeh Cohen-Wade speaks with guests about culture in all its forms—pop, high, and low—and American society in general.

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Meet the NYT Pitchbot (Aryeh Cohen-Wade & DougJ)

Jul 21 • 01:00:00
The origins of Doug's "New York Times Pitchbot" project ... The "In this Ohio diner..." trope ... The NYT's de facto national status and the hollowing out of local journalism ... The Opinion page's lack of ideological and geographic diversity ... Aryeh: The NYT's real tribe is the wealthy ... Cillizza and Greenwald, Doug's bêtes noires/muses ... With Biden in powe...

The Ghosts of American History (Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Daniel Bessner)

Jul 12 • 01:00:00
The absurd exercise of ranking presidential greatness ... Aryeh: We all agree on Lincoln and Washington, but then it's a fight ... Daniel: George W. Bush was much worse than Trump ... Did America react hysterically to the storming of the Capitol? ... Ghostbusters as a cultural expression of Reagan's America ... Nostalgia and cultural decadence ... Critical race theor...

A Literary Analysis of Recent American History (Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Christian Lorentzen)

Jun 17 • 01:00:00
Christian on gothic, sentimental, and ironic strains in recent US history ... Biden the pre-Boomer sentimentalist ... Trump as a postmodern gothic figure ... Why the gothic and the sentimental are two sides of the same coin ... Aryeh: It turns out that irony is never actually dead ... Who is the Great American Boomer novelist? ... Christian's review of Hunter Biden's...

On Millennial Jews (Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Rabbi Ari Hart)

Jun 14 • 01:00:00
Rabbi Ari introduces himself ... How do Millennial American Jews understand their Judaism? ... The unique Jewish community in Skokie, Illinois ... Identity, tribalism, and communal thickness ... The failures of Hebrew School education ... Rising anti-Semitism on both right and left in America ... Why Millennials must develop a mature relationship with Judaism and Zi...

Special Non-Cheugy Edition (Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Nicholas Clairmont)

May 31 • 01:00:00

Amazon, Chipotle, and Unions (Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Alex N. Press)

May 24 • 01:00:00

After the Orgy (Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Default Friend)

May 17 • 01:00:00
Default Friend's new podcast, After the Orgy ... 2008 as a hinge point in sexual culture ... Is sex positivity over? ... DF: Young people want to get married and have kids sooner ... Ancient wisdom and cosplaying as a way of life ... Get ready for hot vaxx summer! ... Why today's teens are confessing less online ... Has moral conservatism returned to the right? ...

A Critique of the Contemporary Left (Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Ben Burgis)

May 10 • 01:00:00
Ben's new book, Canceling Comedians While the World Burns ... Joe Rogan, Louis CK, and the online left's moralistic overreactions ... A material analysis of how Twitter distorts political movements ... Stalin nostalgia, guillotine gifs, and other performative radicalness ... Critiquing left rhetoric on criminal justice ... Aryeh: Cancel culture is neoliberal ... Be...

The Philip Roth Biography Mess (Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Laura Marsh)

Apr 29 • 01:00:00
Accusations of sexual assault against Philip Roth's biographer, Blake Bailey ... Laura's early negative review of the biography ... How Bailey justified Roth's mistreatment of women ... Aryeh worries about an alleged rapist framing the historical record ... Laura argues against the "this changes everything" reaction ... Criticizing the actions of Norton, the book's pu...

Juggalos, Simps, and Cat Guys (Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Magdalene Taylor)

Apr 19 • 01:00:00

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